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Okay, here’s a question to you educated lot who’re regular users of Adgully – what has been the most significant invention (if I can call it that!) for the modern-day media outlets globally?

Let me save you the trouble of investing your grey matter into thinking about this puerile question. It’s the mobile phone. Or, more specifically, mobile phone with an in-built camera and various recording functions. How much has this little thing changed how media is consumed in today’s world is anyone’s guess. It’s a life-changing tool, I kid you not!

There are countless examples of recorded data by camera phones that are worthy of WikiLeaks – sting operations, undercover assignments and stuff like that. Whether that makes for constructive or destructive material is a debatable topic.

Camera phones also come in use for a certain type of individual who is possessed by despicable desire of capturing intimate moments with the partner and later publishing it on public forums for the world to see. Remember the now-much-famous-and-thankfully-forgotten DPS MMS scandal?

See what I mean by something as simple as a camera phone being a life changing gadget?

Okay, so you might have heard of Sunny Leone – a certain lady who had the guts to venture out of the adult film industry and be a mainstream actress in Bollywood. But the problem is, people get typecast – that’s a big societal issue that the world faces today. I don’t have particular fondness for Ms Leone and I am certainly not fighting a case in her favour, but the recently leaked ‘private party’ affair is clearly going to stand as a case-in-point for the statement I made above.

It might have been the lure of good money or political and/or felonious pressure that forced Sunny Leone to submit to the demands of a certain packet of men – we’ll never know the real reason perhaps. But the primary reason why she bared all at that ‘private party’ is because people in that environment wanted it.

I’ll not bang-on about something that’s been much publicized in the media, but there’s another such act that’s happened. And this one, apparently, wasn’t a private party.

There was a dealers’ meet organized in a posh hotel in Indore recently which – by the looks of it – didn’t quite conclude as a ‘corporate’ event. The brand can clearly be seen in the video grab – it’s Ceat Tyres. Now, I belong to the automotive industry and know the top men at Ceat to be really suave and dignified – so, I can comfortably say, based on what I feel, that the management didn’t have even the remotest idea of the prurient activities happening around the envelope of their brand.

This clearly isn’t a private hotel room where all the action is happening – it looks pretty much like a banquet hall or the like. So, what’s worse is that the hotel was in the know and still didn’t do anything at all. That’s disgraceful!

This is an information source for professionals and corporate honchos so we can’t (wouldn’t, actually) publish the video, but the images are rather unpleasant. The lady in the video – clearly a non-native – sheds her material belongings and goes completely bare by the end of the video and is lunged on and enjoyed by the men with brazen physical desire.

The absolute epitome of indecorous behaviour is when during the closing seconds of the video, one man is heard saying in Hindi what translates as “the poor souls who didn’t get to lick till now in life, licked some tonight”, and then it just goes to a different level of imprudent as someone comes on the microphone and says, “Gentlemen, it is over.”

Many of you will write hate comments below, complaining that I watched the video for enjoyment and whatnot. Yes, I watched the video, but because it was sent to me with a very capturing statement – “Crap that corporate guys can stoop to” – and with the primary intention of exposing this in the media. Yes, I watched the video, not because I sought ‘pleasure’, but because I wanted to write this article and tell you how miserable the entire matter is! I’m no preacher of good manners, but this isn’t permissible – no matter how sales-intensive the corporate event might be.

Where are we going with all this? Where’re the good old ways of team-building activities and pure joyful ways to celebrate success – jungle safaris, adventure sports, mind-games and things like that…

The idea of ‘simple joys of life’ just doesn’t exist, it seems. Sad. | By Ashish Jha, Editorial Head – Auto, NDTV Convergence

About the writer:

Ashish hates being called a ‘senior motoring journalist’ and doesn’t quite pretend to possess astute knowledge of the automotive industry. The fact is, he is and he does. He would, however, almost immediately, pretend to have suffered from a cardiac arrest when you talk of his (short-lived) racing history. He is known for his unique nature of writing and being unbiased in his reports. | Twitter: @jha_ashish

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect in any way of Adgully.


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