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AgVoice | Winning consumers by 'Experiential Marketing': Redwing Solutions' Srivastava

Experiential Marketing, an impeccable form of advertising, focuses on bringing personalized brand experience to its customers.  The intensive brand and customer interaction helps in making the brand become emotionally relevant to the customers and leaves a powerful impact on the audience at the same time.

The brand experience further adds to the brand and the customer bond, and helps the customers choose the brand over its competitors. Also, it helps spread the word of mouth, which acts wonders for the brand too and builds the brand recall among the target audience.  Going hand in hand, this marketing style reaches its customers widely.
Engaging the customers by clubbing the Experiential Marketing activities with fun elements, events etc., makes it more effective and positive results are achieved. Thus, various companies use experiential marketing as brand promotion activity.

Akash Srivatava, CEO & digital marketing expert, Redwing Solutions says, “Experiential Marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing which leaves a positive impact of the brand on the customers whether it is implemented online or offline. The aim is to add value to the brand which plays a vital role in brand promotion”.
“A man who stops advertising to save money, is like a man who stops the clock to save time”- Henry Ford

Nevertheless, a brand should reach the audience timely and advertising being the medium, Experiential Marketing strategies are the best way to generate returns on investments. It also helps the customers make their purchase decisions for a brand because the trends have shown that people do a research on the brands and their products majorly online before they actually make a purchase.

Let’s see how the some of the trend setting campaigns which have left a fantabulous impression on the customer and has made a mark for the brand. A Glance on Experiential Marketing Campaigns: Innovation @ its best!!

•  Hamdard Safi Youth Shapth - This campaign was designed as an initiative with Hamdard Safi. Since, the campaign was launched during the elections, the main focus of the campaign was on the youth of our country.  The first time voters of the nation were encouraged to register themselves and take pledge to vote and make a difference by participating in elections this year. The tagline ‘7 Crore Saath Badho’ attracted the Indian youth. During this digital campaign, the website had both online enrollment and offline enrollment options for the first time voters. The online Voter registration option was directly linked to the Election Commission India website whereas the offline options provided the user to download Form 6, fill it up and the submit it to the ERO (Election Registration officer). Thus, the overall strategy was just superb and engaged the target audience effectively and the brand support did wonders for brand promotion.

•  Coca Cola India and Pakistan Small world machines - This is one of the best campaigns which were designed to spread happiness by connecting the citizens of India and Pakistan. During this campaign, ‘Small World machines’ were installed by the company both in New Delhi (India) and Lahore (Pakistan). All the people had to do stand in front of these machines, and act as directed. One person from India and one person from Pakistan stood in front of the machines and could view each other by the camera installed in the machines. Now, people on the both sides were engaged in activities like dancing, shaking hands virtually, or were asked to draw the peace signs on the 3D touch screens on the machines. On doing so they could pick their coke cans from the machines. This campaign is a perfect example of Experiential Marketing which had a fun element to it and gave an amazing response.

•  PayUMoney and Mastercard Colour My Life Campaign - Another impeccable campaign by Redwing solution was ‘Colour My Life’, a PayUMoney and Mastercard initiative. This campaign was mainly for the street children. For this campaign, an online Art Competition, including both painting and photography, was organized for the students of various schools. All the students had to do was to enroll them online and had to submit a fee of just Rs. 100. This competition was then followed by an exhibition (cum sale) of the top 50 Art pieces. The money generated by this campaign was then donated to Dr. Kiran Bedi’s NGO, India Vision Foundation which is based out in New Delhi. Thus, a campaign which was involved kids and was for the kids. This campaign was also a huge success and Redwing Solutions bagged a lot of appreciation for this initiative.

•  We Chat QR Code Campaign on Valentine’s day - WeChat launched a campaign this year on the occasion of Valentine’s day at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. During this campaign, a huge cake weighing 1 ton was placed at the mall. The Campaign “ Scan Me, Eat Me” engaged the people to scan the QR code on the cake that allowed them to download the WeChat app on their mobiles. This helped the brand spread its word of mouth and the event on Valentine’s day captured a wide audience. Moving towards the end of the campaign a lucky couple among the audience was invited to cut this cake.

•  Cadbury’s Oreo Cookie and Orange Crème’ campaign - This campaign was strategically designed to promote the new Oreo cookie with orange cream as a new flavor. The campaign was divided into both online and offline activities which kept the customers engaged. The initial activities on the social media promoted the brand around the concept that Oreo cookie and orange cream are best buddies and share a friendship bond with each other. Based on this, the audiences were involved in contests and were asked to share their selfies with their best buddy, following other contests like, #ShoutOut where the visuals posted by the brand on social media depicted a message and the customers had to guess the same. Another contest was launched during the campaign ‘#YouAreBestiesWhen , which asked the fans to share their story with their bestie. The most interesting part of the campaign was the “Oreo Togetherness Bus”. This bus launched during the campaign, provided a platform for parents and children to catch fun family moments. The bus was loaded with games, photo opportunities, a cookie corner and more and was stationed at the entertainment hubs of the cities. Anyone could hop into the bus with their kids to have fun and try their hands on various games. The bus travelled across New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mysore. The increasing number of such campaigns shows that the companies are indulging themselves in Experiential Marketing for reaching to their customers. Experiential Marketing is playing a significant role when it comes to brand positions, brand visibility, brand promotion.

About the Author:
Akash Srivastava is the Founder and Chief Executive of Redwing Solutions, A digital branding and experiential marketing company. He has over 14+ years of multi-faceted general management, product development & launch, branding & promotions, marketing experience with reputed companies and start-ups. Being a strategic thinker, he loves translating strategies into measurable outcome. He has a proven track record of success evidenced by continually increasing both top line and bottom line performance leveraging a unique blend of business acumen, strategy and deep technology skills. He has demonstrated an ability to maintain a strong presence and create an atmosphere of empowerment & teamwork maximizing organizational efficiency and productivity.

His previous roles includes: Head (AVP) – Product and experience at Study Places Inc, Lead – Mobile (vas) Product at ACL Wireless Ltd., Product Head at TIMES Group, Category Head at TIMES Internet Ltd.


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect in any way of Adgully.


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