AI will not diminish the need for human creativity: Parthasarathy Mandayam

In a recent interaction with Adgully, Parthasarathy Mandayam (MAPS), Chief Strategy Officer, GroupM South Asia, delved into the intricacies of distinguishing between passing fads and enduring trends in cultural phenomena, the significance of influencer marketing, ethical considerations in advertising, and the evolving relationship between AI-driven processes and human creativity.

Distinguishing Fads from Trends

Mandayam emphasised on the importance of discerning between fleeting fads and lasting trends in cultural phenomena, like the rise of Gen Alpha and the emergence of new cultural icons. He stated, “The distinction between a fad and a lasting trend in cultural phenomena is crucial.” According to him, sustainable impact lies in contributing to, rather than merely riding, existing cultural movements. Successful brands, he noted, play a pivotal role in shaping culture rather than merely piggybacking on trends.

Influencer Marketing in Contemporary Culture

Discussing the role of influencer marketing, Mandayam highlighted its deep intertwining with contemporary cultural trends across various sectors. He asserted, “Influencer marketing is deeply intertwined with contemporary cultural trends across various sectors.” From sports to commerce, influencers wield significant influence in shaping consumer behaviour and driving engagement. Influencer marketing permeates many identified trends, reflecting its pervasive influence in modern marketing strategies.

Ethical Considerations in Advertising

Addressing ethical considerations in advertising, particularly concerning techniques like deepfake videos, Mandayam raised concerns regarding consent, authenticity, and the potential for misinformation. He stressed on the need for industry and self-regulation to ensure responsible use of evolving technologies like AI and CGI. While such techniques may initially attract attention, their long-term impact on creativity and individual thinking capabilities remains debatable.

Balancing AI and Human Creativity

Envisioning the future balance between AI-driven processes and human creativity, Mandayam proposed a symbiotic relationship. He stated, “The future balance between AI-driven processes and human creativity will likely involve a symbiotic relationship.” While AI can streamline repetitive tasks and provide data-driven insights, human intervention remains indispensable for true innovation and groundbreaking solutions. Mandayam emphasised that while AI may replace some aspects of routine work, it will not diminish the need for human creativity and critical thinking in driving meaningful progress.


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