Artlist Footage enters India with Dot Films

Despite being the world’s second biggest content market, the stock footage space in  the country still leaves a lot to be desired in India. Most editors end up looking for  Hispanic faces to try and emulate the ‘Indian’ look or they settle for over-wrought  footage which looks polished but uncomfortably commercial. 

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This gap in the market and the massive demand is what brought Artlist Footage to India.  Known for being one of the most preferred platforms for cinematic stock, they have  formally entered the market for Indian stock with Dot Films, with a custom production  themed around ‘gully cricket’. “We are excited to collaborate with Dot Films to create  authentic & high-quality content of Indian culture for Artlist Footage’s catalog.” said  Artlist Footage.  

The footage for this project has been shot over the course of a day in Delhi NCR with a  sound pre-production pipeline preceding the weeks of the shoot. This marks the first  step in the creation of high-quality reusable content in the country which is up to global  standards and native to the subcontinent.

“Being able to do this for Artlist Footage is our interests coming a full circle in some  ways. Our journey of making films started with expressing our style with stock footage.  That pivoting to ‘creating’ stock footage is absolutely serendipitous, not to mention  vastly vital for the Indian market” said Yashi Paswan, Co-Founder & Producer, Dot Films.  

With one strong foot in the door, Artlist Footage will be arranging for more India-themed  projects while partnering with other ‘art-first’ production houses like Dot Films. 


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