Bipin R Pandit wrote the best ever banner/ lines on Tendulkar

There are very few people in this world who would not know about the 'god of cricket', as he his usually denoted - the legend - Sachin Tendulkar. For a larger section of cricket fans, 'Cricket = Sachin' and vice-versa! One of them is Bipin Pandit, COO, The Advertising Club, a well known face in the Advertising, Media, Events and Marketing industry. He recounts displaying his very creative banner on the maestro Sachin Tendulkar in year 2008 when the maestro scored a brilliant hundred at Sydney. Also to be noted is a trivia that the said banner dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar made waves amongst the cricket frenzy population. As the banner had the personal emaild Id of Bipin Pandit on it he received responses by way of 100 emails in praise of the banner! 

Bipin Pandit always thought that this piece of work earned him so much of appreciation it would make sense if presented to the Man whose deeds inspired him to write it .Finally the day came in Bipin Pandit’s life and it would be better to say that his dream came true on Monday, 14th October 2013,at Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA),  that he got a chance to present his rage token, The Banner, to the maestro himself and also his first coffee table book on music titled Khumaar. Bipin thanks his very dear friend Anil Joshi for the said meeting.

With joy and high spirits Bipin Pandit caught up with Adgully to share his feelings when he presented the token to Sachin Tendulkar. Bipin Pandit, who has always been passionate about Advertising, Media, Events and Music, also admired and looked up to the legend, Sachin Tendulkar for his exemplary conduct and composure on and off the cricket field which also marks his passion about ‘cricket’. (Another secret revealed sir!)

The said quote is now popularly regarded as one of the best written on the Maestro. It reads:


Going back to the days in 2007-2008, Pandit said, “I had travelled to Sydney with my son Neeraj in year 2007-2008 to watch India play a test match against Australia. I am a hard core Sachin Tendulkar fan just as most Indians are. Hoping that he would do well I did write a couple of good banners on him. Being from the Advertising, Media and Event industry I ensured that my banners had a professional look about them and also carried my email id.”

Adding further he said, “The date was 4th January, 2008 at SCG. It was here that Sachin scored a hundred and I proudly displayed my now famous banner that got widely covered by channel 9. My inbox was full with 100 emails the next day from all over the world, some of which are reproduced below.”

Sharing his feelings about legendary Sachin Tendulkar, Bipin Pandit said, “It was a great delight to present the said banner to Sachin himself whose supreme batsmanship has inspired me to write those lines.” Bipin Pandit believes that more than meeting a cricket legend he was all the more happy to meet a man (Sachin Tendulkar) who is so humble and down to earth. In short a legendary human being.

When asked about the reason behind presenting the book, Khumaar, Pandit said, “In fact it was double delight for me when I also presented my first coffee table book on music titled KHUMAR to him. Sachin incidentally is named after the legendary music composer Sachin Dev Burman and also happens to be a huge Kishore Kumar fan. The book has about three to four articles on Sachin Dev Burman and close to three articles on Kishore Kumar. Hence I thought this book would add a lot of value in terms of happiness in his life.”

Well, no doubt about the fact that such legends meet and greet thousands of fans everyday but what made the 'moment to remember' for Bipin Pandit was the time when Sachin himself remembered and recalled the piece of banner with some common friends between Bipin Pandit and Schin Tendulkar. He says, “It is the moment of pride and rejoice when such a legend remembers and recalls your token and that’s what Sachin did with his friends who came and shared that with me.”

Giving a message to Tendulkar for his last two test matches, Bipin Pandit said, “His humility stands out and he has a smile for everyone. I wish he plays well in the remaining two test matches of his career. There is no pressure of reaching any milestone hence ‘Maestro please go to the crease and simply enjoy’.”

He would also like to thank his dear friend Anil Joshi for arranging the said meeting and suggesting him to present the book, Khumaar.


I befriended Bipin R Pandit when I told him how impressed I was with his sign at a cricket game. His sign read 'Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting they will go unnoticed for even the lord is busy watching him'
I'm so pleased to see that The Little Master also appreciates how good his sign is!" - Steve Lyon, Sydney, Australia

In the India versus Australia test series of 2008, a banner on Sachin Tendulkar caught the fancy of the world and mine as well. Only recently I came to know that the person with the banner (who, I had thought, had disaapeared forever in the crowds of the faceless multitudes)is, in fact, you. Hence, in this mail,I express my heartfelt appreciation (though a very belated one)for your words.. "Commit all your sins..". This is definitely the BEST EVER quote I have seen on the batting genius,and I can assure you, majority of my friends and relatives,too, share the same sentiments. I am sure you have been inundated many times over with accolades from across the cricketing world for this banner of yours, but kindly accept this rather belated mail as a token of gratitude and appreciation from me and my friends, all admirers of the greatest batsman of the modern era, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar- Mayukh Mukherjee, Mumbai

Sitting in New Zealand watching Australia v India,  and saw your banner.  well done.  possibly the best banner i’ve seen - James Hopkins, New Zealand

I am just as an ardent fan of Sachin as you. The message you were holding yesterday was the best I have ever seen on Sachin. Kudos Dude. It was kind of unique too. I dont know how much better I felt after I saw that. Anyway, Nice to see you and your message…..If you happen to stop in USA, do call me. Hail Sachin…! - Amar rajesh, USA

Thank you for your reply. It seems a novel way to have made contact with you and your very interesting background !
Well, Sachin certainly made his century and I am sure that you and fans alike of Sachin and cricket are overjoyed fror him, India and each other !
Certainly, will keep in touch and hope you will do the same. More later. Keep well and wishing you, your family and all with you a very Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!! - Dilipkumar Popatlal,

hi, just wanted u to know  love the slogans u had put for sachin tendulkar he is my best players by far and I think he proved it to all the people throght all the cricket wathing continents that he indeed is the best batsman the world has ever seen, thus shutting the mouths of those who critise him and want to see the grat legend retire and off course who else but ian chappel who himself has no big name as an Australian cricketer. I live in the Caribbean and iam up all night until 4am to watch the game. have to say that its rather sad to see umpires like steve bucknor who look like they are on Australia’s payroll. i was shocked to see how mclarke who got such a big edge wasn’t ruled out right away by the umpires. i have always seen sachin and lara as true cricketers walk off when they know they are out anyways if you have any news of harbhajans incident pls let me know - Vinay Khemani, West Indies

Admire your cricket appreciation. hi..i am a cricket fan from India and I was really happy to see such great Indian cricket loving fans in Australia……..good work…….keep cheering Indian team……… - Kushagra Agarwal,

Hey Bipin both your posters were awesome yesterday! Really loved the both. And wasnt the little man amazing? I cant wait to see him bat on WACA and Adeliade should be fun! I think a big double is around the corner - Tapan Reddy,

Well done for your Banner. Just an acknowledgement for ur effort in supporting Sachin - Arvind - Scotland

I am hashim, Indian, residing in Bahrain and a cricket fan and cricketer ..Liked you banner allot .thought it was innovative. looking fwd to seeing your banner tow. surely Indian played and will fight from now on!! - Rashid Hashim, Bahrain

I was watching the streamed video of Aus-Ind 2nd test 3rd day. I saw your poster “Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed because even the Lord is watching.” I have to say that is so true. Thanks for putting that sign up. - Ram Chidambaram,

We don’t know each other. I am writing this from California, USA. Just wanted to commend you on the nice poster you displayed at the SCG right after Sachin got his century. Saw it on TV. Sachin does play like a God when in his element. You were obviously fortunate to have watched him live, as well as also Sourav Ganguly. Hope the rest of the match is as gripping. - Nikunj Wagle, California

I saw your comment on TV just few seconds back. “Commit crimes when sachin is batting”  This is just awesome!! Keep it up. - Nikunj Wagle,

It’s 4am here in UK, I am watching the Australia v India second test match and just read your quote, “commit all your crimes while sachin is batting as they will go unnoticed, even god is busy watching him” that my brother is so creative yet so true. He is the greatest and what a khatarnaak innings he played to get india back in to the game. Hope you’ve had fun watching him there. Hail India and hail maharastra.. - Raj, U.K.

hey man..great sign up at the SCG….Commit the crime one..really good one mate. hahahaha i couldnt stop laffin brother….CHAK DE INDIA!!! - Raj,

I am Atul Medhekar from Whitby ( near Toronto ) Canada. I was watching the India Aus test yesterday and saw your comments on Sachin’s batting . I want to let you know that I completely agree with you . East or Wast Sachin is the best.. His yesterday’s strokes were just amazing and he showed yesterday why he is the god of Indian cricket. The word genius is just inadequate to describe his level of skills. Indian tail gave a brave fight back it was worth watching on a week day night here in Canada. Once again I thank and congratulate you for your comments which I am sure must have touched to the emotions of millions of Indians across the globe. - Atul Medhekar, Toronto, Canada

Sitting in USA, just saw your sign………great thinking..I am enjoying sachin too
thanks for such a good sign. - Hemant kumar, USA

I saw your poster on the TV today, at the SCG. Well done for getting on T.V Anyway if you are going to any other matches can you put a shout out for me. I have told my friends that i will e-mail you and try and get on TV. My name is Bhavin Rawal I live in East London, England Maybe you can write something like : JAI HIND TO MY FRIEND- Bhavin Rawal; EAST LONDON, UK

I would appreciate it if you do this, and if you can’t then don’t worry. - Bhavin, rawal

I saw your (obviously professionally manufactured) banner on Channel Nine today. Are you a Sydney resident or a visitor from India? Whichever is the case you must be pleased with your team’s performance today. I’m an Australian living in Adelaide who likes to see a contest, which we seem to have now. I’ve just posted my (brief) thoughts on today’s play to my blog and hope that there’s (1) no rain interruption for the last two days, and (2) a tight finish (even if India win!). - John Turner, Australia

I just loved the banner you were holding after Sach’s 38th century at SCG today that read - “Its ok to commit a sin when Sachin is batting because even the Lord is busy watching him bat.” Was this the exact wording? I really admire your creativity. Well said again! - Abhijeet Deshpande,

That was a grt tribute to Sachin in your banner.. Enjoy Sachin’s artistry while I continue watching it on Net.. BTW Harbhajan too is playing grt.. - Himanshu tripathi,  

I liked your flyer at the SCG - have to say I prefer Ganguly’s batting at the moment. But with SRT – definitely the slow style, not the aggressive. - Jamin - Chester England

Many thanks for those remarks. India’s win in Perth has eased the tension considerably. It was well deserved. I enjoyed the portraits very much, and appreciated the image of Vishy requesting the ball to go away and also Rahul walking out to bat looking like a student on his way to an especially difficult exam! I also thought the assesments were very sound. Keep up the good work and may your god go with you. - Peter Roebuck


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