Bombay Shaving Company diversifies product portfolio

Hair removal for women has traditionally been a taboo subject. With emerging modern-day lifestyles, women would make a rather painful choice of either waxing or epilating. Shaving, which is a far more convenient option, was not looked at as a preferred option owing to the fear of cuts, in-grown hair, hard hair, and post-shave irritation. To make shaving easier for women, Bombay Shaving Company, a Made-in-India grooming solutions brand has launched ‘Defender for Her Women’s Razor’. Built with FlexBlade Technology the razor guarantees a one-stroke shave, with no-cuts, no-bumps, and no-irritation. 

To aid recognition and brand awareness of the ‘Defender-for-Her’ Razor the brand has launched the #ShavingIsAwesome campaign where the brand busts myths around shaving, has regular influencer engagement to drive adoption of shaving, and brings in exciting offers on their product range to build excitement. Together with EiPi Media, the brand has made a series of short films with VJ Bani, Maanvi Gagroo, and Sayani Gupta - three renowned actresses and youth influencers, who are the leading cast of an Emmy Nominated Series from Amazon Prime called ‘Four More Shots Please’.

As a storytelling concept, VFX is used in videos to draw attention to the new product line. Produced during the lockdown by EiPi Media, there are two 1 minute and another 30-sec film. In two of the films, Bani J and Maanvi are seen having a chat about how the Salons are shut, and Bani has to go for a shoot. Maanvi helps save Bani’s day by introducing her to the ‘Defender-for-Her’ Razor system - and the introduction is done through a delightful visual effect that will make you go back and watch it on repeat. In the shorter film, Sayani is shown browsing the internet, and then she has an interesting experience with the razor.

Speaking on the campaign, Samriddh Dasgupta, Director of Marketing and New Initiatives, Bombay Shaving Company said; “The women’s razor market needed disruption. To bring the razor to market, Bombay Shaving Company interviewed women between the ages of 18-45 across India and understood specific needs. This led to the discovery of problems like ingrown hair, cuts, post-shave irritation, and challenges in cleaning the razor. 

When we conceptualized the ‘Defender-for-Her’ Razor system, our vision was to bring in a form of storytelling that was at an intersection of science and art - much like the Defender-for-Her Razor. We found that our target group responded favorably to the idea of Bani J, Maanvi, and Sayani as their role models; and we found EiPi Media, a new-age production ecosystem with innovative storytelling capabilities as an ideal partner. We are very happy with the outcome and have a full-scale digital media campaign spread across multiple channels underway to help us capture market share over the next few quarters.”

 Rohit Reddy, Founder, EiPi Media said “As a storytelling concept, VFX has traditionally been used in movies. We are delighted that a new-age brand like Bombay Shaving Company trusted our process and gave us the go-ahead to experiment with emerging technologies. This was our first attempt to produce a film meant for large scale media distribution with celebrities, and it meant putting in long hours to bridge the gap between concept and execution.”

 The ‘Defender-for-Her’ Razor System is sold as a kit with a superfoods enriched shaving foam, the razor, and a post-shave balm - making it the ideal companion for those who want to remove hair without any compromises. This comes at a time when going to a salon to wax is not a safe option. This razor is steadily gaining popularity and is one of the bestsellers across marketplaces like Amazon, Nykaa, and on the brand’s website.


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