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Celebrate this Diwali with POGO's latest Chhota Bheem movie - 'MAYANAGRI'

India’s preferred kids’ channel, POGO, is giving the most thrilling and exciting Diwali gift to its fans with the premiere of ‘Mayanagri’. The movie is one of the original productions from the channel starring kids’ favorite superhero Chhota Bheem and Krishna. Mayanagri will be shown this Diwali – Wednesday, October 26 at 2pm.  

Mayanagri is a story of a demoness who visits the very spot where Kirmada’s body had burst into ashes. Using powerful magic, she recaptures Kirmada’s essence from the dust and recalls his soul from the spiritual plane. But Kirmada is unable to regain his form as Krishna’s power prevents his complete resurrection. The angered demoness, Kirmada’s sister vows to resurrect her brother even if it means capturing Krishna himself and forcing him to perform the act. So she sets about crafting an elaborate and faultless plot to capture him. Maayandri sends her pet, a magpie to spy on Krishna.
Meanwhile Bheem and his friends are visiting with Krishna in Dwarka. After some memorable days they prepare to take their leave. At the time of parting, Krishna gives each of the kids something as a memoir of their time in Dwarka. Of these, the most unique are the Bheem and Chutki’s gifts. Chutki receives a jeweled ring that will change color whenever she is in need of help. To Bheem, Krishna gifts a pendant with their portraits etched on it. Through the spying magpie, Maayandri finds out about the gifts and manages to steal Chutki’s ring.
Monica Tata, General Manager, Entertainment Networks, South Asia, Turner International India said “The premiere of Mayanagri is the perfect gift for kids this Diwali where they are getting to spend Diwali afternoon with their favorite superhero Chhota Bheem. The movie is not only entertaining and thrilling but also teaches kids about bravery and truth”.  
So, what will happen to Krishna if Maayandri kidnaps him? Will Chhota Bheem and his friends will be able to rescue Krishna from demons and save the city? To get answers of these question tune in to POGO this Diwali, Wednesday, October 26 at 2pm and watch Mayanagri. 

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