coto announces 5000 exclusive cotoOG NFTs for early community creators

At ‘coto’, we know that communities aren’t just groups of people, they represent freedom of expression and we’re always working towards making it easier and more productive for our community creators and members to express themselves. While Web3 has given us the opportunity to create a platform that is cohesive and transparent, we also want to make sure that the efforts of our women community creators and their communities are duly celebrated and rewarded. To make this a reality, together with several benefits, are our exclusive cotoOG NFTs, the next big milestone for our community creators and coto!

5000 early community creators on coto (first amongst the eventual millions) can claim this exclusive, customized, limited-edition NFT. It's valuable and badge worthy and as special as all community creators on the platform! The process is simple, all you have to do is log on to, go through the detailed steps mentioned and fill this form to claim your NFT.

Talented illustrator / NFT artist from Argentina Dacil Curbelos, has collaborated with coto to create these stylish NFTs, a special virtual identity for the creators. Her impactful artwork and inimitable use of vibrant color patterns makes her stand out from the rest, and an apt choice for the coto family.

Dacil Curbelos, NFT artist, said, “I am excited to be part of coto as an NFT artist. As a creator, I feel extremely energized to join a community of women such as coto - which relates to my own principles, and ideals. I have always experimented with new artforms, and tools right from formats, techniques and genres. The character sketches in each cotoOG NFT are unique and a representation of a community creator’s commitment and expertise.

Tarun Katial, Founder & CEO, ‘coto’ said, “At 'coto', we want to create an ideal participative culture for women in a safe space that empowers them to create and nurture an organic community. They symbolize every creator for who they are and can be when they come together to build the best platform for women online with us. The cotoOG NFTs, which incentivize creators and their communities, provide discoverability, greater exposure with exclusive access to certain features, are redeemable, and even instill voting powers in coto’s democratic voting council. In this way, these NFTs prove to be much beyond an asset.”

What are cotoOG NFTs?

A set of unique artworks created specifically for our creators, cotoOG NFTs act as an asset representing a community creator’s commitment to our platform, and a means to identify them as key participants.

cotoOG NFTs will serve to recognize community creators for their expertise on coto. Owning a cotoOG NFT marks these creators as rallying points for their communities. Acting as beacons for their tribe members, they’re enabled to lead much-needed conversations in their areas of expertise.

The number of cotoOG NFTs is limited to 5000 and will be made available only to early community creators across geographies.

How can a coto Community Creator bag a cotoOG NFT?

The process is quite simple! Being one of the early creators to build a community on coto will unlock the cotoOG NFT.

Here are the steps:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • coto will share posts in your DM / email
  • Tag coto and put it up as a story / post on IG / FB, RT on Twitter, Repost on LinkedIn
  • Use #cotoNFTs #cotocommunity while sharing the post

Step 4

  • Set up your coto community with minimum 100 members when we launch

Step 5

  • Tag as many friends as you can! We will try and credit you for your connections engaging with us

What’s next?

The process from starting a community to obtaining the ability to liquefy its assets will unfold in three general phases:

  • 1st Phase
    • Community Creators can claim cotoOG NFTs that offer them unique identity as a coto community creator and unlock special privileges across the platform
  • 2nd Phase
    • Community Creators with the cotoOG NFT can also claim Recognition NFTs based on specific metrics like members onboarding, engagement and transactions: these milestones will be tracked and rewarded.
  • 3rd Phase
    • Recognition NFTs collected by a creator will be linked to a pre-decided amount of $COTO Tokens / coto Gains*. These might be subject to a vesting period and the creators will be able to redeem them at the end of this vesting period

As mentioned above, creators can either list NFTs on any participating marketplace or directly redeem them for $COTO Tokens or coto Gains* in accordance with the regulatory jurisdiction in their country of residence.

The idea behind coto, and all that we bring, is to create a safe space for women who have the courage and desire to empower other women. We want to see our community creators and their communities grow, and we want to build and further support them.

With these cotoOG NFTs, community creators on coto now have more than an asset - they have a symbol of who they are and who they can be when they, and others like them, come together.



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