DD Bharati celebrates Teachers Day with 'Bharati Gurukul'

‘Bharati Gurukul’ is a giant initiative of DD Bharati as it endeavours to impart systematic and methodical education and training of Hindustani Classical Music both vocal and instrumental. In the olden times, all specialized training be it archery or warfare, administration or music was given in the "Gurukuls" or the home of the Guru or teacher. Students used to go and stay with the Guru and learn the art.

Similarly, Hindustani Classical Music has had a glorious past of Guru- Shishya parampara or the teacher and taught tradition of learning the rudiments to advanced skills in music from the Guru by living with him. Due to lifestyle changes and pressures of urban living the Swami Haridas who lived in the jungles of Vrindavan and taught both Tansen and Baiju Bawara, this tradition has eroded. Also, the well known musicians became court musicians and their disciples and descendants moved to cities thus are not accessible to a common man to go and learn from. Given the fact that the top musicians are busy performers and are not able to spend time with students thus the future performers of classical music are shrinking in number.

Addressing to the above problem, DD Bharati presents Bharati Gurukul, starting this Teacher’s Day, 5th September 2015, Every Saturday at 09:00 pm and repeated next day at 01:00 pm.

Bharati Gurukul has been conceived with a view to impart training in Hindustani Classical Music by the music maestros & stalwarts in their specialised field both vocal and instrumental music. The systematic training of classical music in three main ragas is Bhairav, Yaman and Todi. Gurukul features one vocalist and one instrumentalist giving lessons in one of these ragas and 4 sessions each for a progressive learning of the Raga as is the tradition to cover 3 basic ragas.

Thus, the initiatives like Bharati Gurukul are need of the hour, much needed by the society and will prove a great service to our fraternity, helping in promoting our cultural heritage.

You cannot afford to miss the programme series. Stay tuned to DD Bharati!


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