Deccan Herald highlights inspiring stories that have emerged during Covid-19

Amidst mass hysteria, helplessness brought about by the recent pandemic, Deccan Herald finds a silver lining.

The past few weeks have been a period of uncertainty and fear for many in the country as it grapples with Covid-19. The dread of infection has weighed heavy on the lives of all of us; the headlines have been of disease, constrained lifestyles, displaced migrants and the prospect of economic meltdown.

But unfazed by this unprecedented crisis, many people have risen to the occasion, serving those in need; whether it is ensuring a regular supply of medicines for the elderly, delivering essentials to tribals living in the hinterlands or providing fresh cooked meals to those who need it.

Deccan Herald (DH) has embarked on a journey to bring these stories to light. Through the aptly titled campaign - ‘Spread Kindness’, the DH team has sought out these positive stories of humanitarian efforts, aiming to help these remarkable individuals along and to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

For example, there is the story of Shubhajit, who despite having a physical disability, has dipped into his savings to help migrant workers in his locality; Shanta Narona, a tailor in Shivamogga, has been stitching and distributing masks to the poor free of charge in his village in Shivamogga; and Manjari Colaco has been feeding hundreds of stray dogs in Bengaluru during the lockdown.

“These uplifting stories embody our tagline ‘The Power of Good’. We’re privileged to tell others about these remarkable individuals, and hope that it sparks a movement to help those less fortunate than us,” said Sitaraman Shankar, Editor, DH.

Over the past week, readers were moved enough by the story of Hubbali-based vegetable vendor Ratnamma to help her get a vending pass and some monetary support so that she could continue earning a living.

Every act of kindness is worth sharing, and showcasing the stories of these everyday heroes has helped brighten up a tough few weeks for all of us.

Some stories on #Spread Kindness


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