Webinar: Discover how crisis unlocks potential with Nilima Bhat

“Regardless of Gender and Race, we need leaders who are conscious (that is, show self-mastery and selfless service of a higher purpose) and integrated (that is, express mature masculine and feminine values and behaviours) - Nilima Bhat.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit the world in full force in January this year, none of us were prepared to deal with the turbulence it has caused in our lives, our relationships and in our livelihoods. Now, 5 months since the pandemic spread to almost all countries of the world, we are gradually coming to terms with it and are learning to deal with it in our own limited ways.

India has been under one of the most stringent lockdowns ever, a situation no one in this generation or the previous one has faced. Being forced to stay at home, cut off from everything that we have loved and have been a part of our lives since birth, the uncertainty has hit people hard.

On top of it the economic uncertainty, which will last for a long time, is taking a toll on businesses, on revenues and the very survival of companies. With companies shut down currently, the humongous crisis of migrant labourers has shaken the very core of the country. Even as the Government has made efforts to help migrant labourers reach their native places, they stare at a very uncertain future regarding their livelihood and very survival. Besides the COVID-19 infection that they are bringing to their native places is resulting in a different kind of concern and social ostracism.

While initially the stay at home prospects were welcomed as it brought families together, now, five months later cracks have started to emerge. Instances of domestic violence are becoming alarmingly regular.

The entire workforce working from home has kept organisations going. But stress levels are also causing concerns. Besides, delayed salaries, pay cuts and even layoffs in some cases are making this workforce jittery.

At a time when people need to be mentally, physically and emotionally strong to fight off the COVID-19 infection and also for the long struggle ahead as things limp back to some semblance of normalcy, guidance on how to deal with the crisis and the resultant disruption is the need of the hour.

We at Adgully, bring a very special edition of our Webinar series this Tuesday, May 19, 2020 between 4 pm and 5 pm with Nilima Bhat, a renowned Author, International Speaker, and Founder of the Shakti Fellowship. In conversation with Bhat will be Poulomi Roy, CMO, RSH Global.

Bhat is a firm believer that every crisis becomes an opportunity for growth. She says, “I think one should look at every crisis as a journey into the next level of your capacity and potential. Every crisis goes through a certain arc. They throw you into trauma, but you are able to face your worst fears – especially if you discover you are never alone, and there is a mentor and allies who show up to help you tide over the situation. Crisis unlocks potential, as whatever skills and capacity that you would need to overcome this crisis, come from this potential that you have.”

Nilima Bhat will share her formidable knowledge and experience on how everyone can successfully tackle the current crisis, manage stress in a better way, remain resilient and prepare to face tomorrow bravely. Adgully is proud to bring this webinar on 19th May from 4 to 5 pm.

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