Does Buying Instagram Likes Help Or Damage Your Image?

Recently, the Instagram algorithm stopped displaying posts chronologically and started showing posts users engage with first. Because of this, several brands and influencers haven’t found it as easy to gain followers or likes. As such brands and creators have resorted to Buying real Instagram likes.

As you know, likes have always been significant in the social media world. The number of likes you get on a platform shows just how much different viewers and followers love your content.

Instagram has been emphasizing likes on its social media platform for quite some time now. Nonetheless, the site is as popular as ever. Does this bring up the argument that Instagram likes aren't really that important? No chance.

Instagram likes are still priceless. High interactions, including likes, comments, and shares, are required for brands and influencers to stand out. But does buying these interactions (likes and followers) help or damage your image?

Essentially, the answer constantly divides opinion as it is a bit of both. Buying likes can be very valuable to the success of your Instagram, but it can also limit long term success.

In this post, we discuss the benefits and implications of purchasing Instagram likes. We also touch on how you can buy Instagram likes if that’s the route you take.

Let’s get on with it. 

Buying Instagram Likes  

There are two services you may use to obtain likes on Instagram. The first service sells likes obtained from dormant accounts. The second service provides Instagram bots that follow accounts and like other people's posts on your behalf. This entirely hinges on the idea that these accounts will then follow and like your posts, in return.

Various businesses provide these services. Let's take a look at both services in a little more detail.

  • Purchasing Instagram Likes from Dormant Accounts

The first approach, paying a company to generate likes from dormant accounts, can be very effective in the short-term, but risky for future marketing exploits. Because these accounts aren’t active, you hardly receive any interaction in the form of comments. When you eventually gain more active followers and they see a post with 1,000 likes but just two comments, they will become doubtful of your credibility.

On the flip side, you can kick off your Instagram campaign on a solid foundation when you buy likes. If you put in the work to get more active followers, your account will naturally reach its required engagement levels.

You will attract and keep active customers, but you may find it difficult to articulately measure the indicators of customer loyalty. You would have to distinguish from your purchased likes and the likes of loyal followers to get a good idea of how far your account has really grown

Still, you run the risk of showing dormant interactions, which can make potential customers assume you don’t sell high-quality products or services.

  • Buying Instagram Bots to Follow Other Accounts

The second method of buying Instagram likes leverages the unwritten follow rule. On Instagram, there's an unwritten "I follow you, you follow me" rule, which simply means that if someone follows me, I feel naturally drawn to follow them back. Many individuals also feel the same way when they follow users of various social media accounts.

In some cases, when you buy likes, you’re effectively purchasing a bot to follow other user’s Instagram accounts in the hopes that these accounts would follow and like your posts also. A  bot essentially serves as an invisible subordinate, following accounts on your behalf while commenting and liking posts.

After following a large number of accounts, the Instagram bots will ultimately unfollow them to guarantee you have a higher follow-to-follower ratio. This strategy has the same risks and long-term issues as purchasing likes from dormant accounts, but there are added risks associated with a bot.

For starters, a bot can just "auto like” and “auto comment.” Your bot, masquerading as you, is not a real person with empathy and accurate perception. It cannot grasp certain subtleties in language, which can cause PR blunders and very bot-like mistakes. In some unlucky situations, your bot can be interacting with an account that uploads unsavoury content.

There are cases where the bot may like any posts with hashtags you've taught it to like. This may cause your bot to like those few irrelevant messages with your programmed hashtags. Such content may contradict your brand's ideals, as well as indirectly promote hostile accounts that publish content that your audience might find objectionable.

This can take a damaging turn when your give a bot auto commenting authorization. It may misinterpret a post's intent. For example, if someone posts about how they just suffered a terrible loss, the bot may say, "That's great, congrats!" This can come off as very uncomfortable and will instantly point to a bot usage.

Although the risks are evident to see, using bots can provide the Instagram success that can take at least two years to achieve. Bots can get you real and active followers that may be interested in the products and services you have to offer on Instagram. And unlike using dormant accounts, these followers will directly reflect on your interactions and give you visibility, confidence and credibility.

●       Instagram Likes From Genuine Accounts

Are bots and fake accounts the only options you get when buying Instagram Likes? No. Some platforms actually offer real Instagram likes from genuine Instagram accounts. Because they are real followers from active accounts that are managed by real people, you won't need to fret about cybersecurity or getting banned.

 The Merits and Demerits of Buying Instagram Likes 

To fully understand whether buying Instagram likes help or damage your social image, we need to look at the pros and cons. Let’s consider its merits first.

  • Increases Business Credibility

Instagram likes subconsciously affects the human psychology. A decent number of followers and likes, naturally attract more people. A large fan base aids in the development of credibility and trust among the audience. With bought likes, a profile can be considerably more visible than it would be without a sizable fan following.

  • Boosts Popularity

Another merit of getting Instagram likes is popularity. A brand that was not well-known enough to draw an audience or sales, can do so simply by purchasing followers and likes. The major risk however, is becoming complacent and producing average content and low interaction. When you do this, your likes tend to mean less to your potential followers and you can be labelled as a bot account.

  • Generates Leads, ROI, and Sales

The right marketing campaigns can rapidly scale up sales and evolve a business. If you want more traffic, reach, exposure and more, you must have a sizable fan following, with a good number of likes. When you combine sound marketing strategies with the purchase of likes, you’re sure to get successful outcomes.

Now that we’ve hashed out three merits, let’s get to the demerits.

  • Getting Fake Likes or Followers

The major issue with buying Instagram likes is that many of them are generated from fake accounts. Such accounts can’t offer any value outside providing likes. Hence, it tends to provide an obvious indication of purchase. Potential customers may easily notice this and be turned off towards any of your content. Also when flagged by Instagram, your post won’t be given any priority in visibility. You have to be on the look out for fake accounts and only purchase genuine likes.

  • Risk of Deactivation or Ban

Purchasing likes from non-genuine accounts can get your Instagram banned or even deleted. When Instagram suspects a violation of policies, your account will be placed under a temporary ban. Once proof of your violation is discovered, your account will be completely deactivated. Hence, buying Instagram likes in itself isn’t a violation, but purchasing fake accounts with them is. Make sure you buy authentic and legit Instagram likes. 

  • It Fosters Complacency

When some users purchase Instagram likes, the totally feel the job is done and they just need to put out average content to grow their accounts.  Some may get lucky and eventually blow up, but others usually decline and may have been better off working hard in the first place. 

Bottom Line

After all is said and done, Instagram likes can both help and also put your image at risk.

The key takeaway here is avoiding platforms that don't promise you genuine Instagram likes, or provide those from fake accounts. Instead, opt for a platform that has a track record of providing genuine Instagram likes from real accounts.

Nothing beats organic growth, but with the correct push, which may be through likes or followers, you can speed up the process and enjoy better Instagram success.










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