Exclusive | We are leading in viewership in the health space: Care World TV's Ajit Gupta

CARE WORLD TV, Asia's only Satellite healthcare TV Channel which emerged as the need of the hour by fulfilling a vacant niche has successfully completed 2 years of disseminating health related information to the masses. The channel, bridging the gap between the functionary and the beneficiary has launched a new show. 
The new show, Psychology Behind Love-MAKE IT OR BREAK IT, moves on the track and concept that the definition of love and relationships is ever evolving in the youth and is turning out to be destructive. With the rising number of issues related to love affairs and sexual causes, the city notices a rise in murders and suicidal attempts too. Data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau shows that last year about 300 people were killed because of love affairs and sexual reasons and about 200 were a result of vengeance.
Adgully spoke to Ajit Gupta, Managing Director, Care World TV to know more about the show and the channel.
When asked about the kind of need-gap this show fulfills he explained that the first season shall look through ten episodes involving married and unmarried couples. It was learnt that through the show Care World TV is trying to analyse various problems in the relationship. It has been observed that 'Love' has changed its perceived value of deep emotions.
He believes that lack of communication is a huge drawback when it comes to broken relationships. Hence, with the help of a renowned psychologist, Deepak J. Kashyap, necessary counselling will be provided to couples live on the show.
The question arises that when we have some shows of similar concept, how does this show stand out different from those. On explaining the statement and the thought, Gupta said, “Never before has any channel made an attempt to show the actual relationship counselling. This show will look beyond mundane issues of love. It will scratch the surface and have an insight to real and more serious issues.”
He also explained that the show takes on psychological problems such as Cheating, Suspicion, Monogamy, Revenge, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Violence, Torture, Paranoia, Ego, Finance, Health, Family among others involved in a relationship.
When asked about the expected traction and are they on the right tracks of receiving it, Gupta very simply and factually said that relationships and love are issues that are faced by each and every individual. Hence the response was expected to be moderately high. The show has been well received and shall go on to become a popular one at least amongst the youth. 
Gupta says, “Keeping in tune with the boom in the healthcare industry with constant changes, in trends, development, research, the channel has introduced various innovative shows with exclusive content. For a while now, Care World TV has been leading in viewership in the health space. The channel’s GRP’s are more than double of our nearest competitor". 
As told by him, the key marketing and growth strategies at ‘Care World TV’ is to bridge the gap between the functionaries and beneficiaries that is hospitals doctors clinics, health service providers etc and the end user - ‘the patients’. He says, “Today there are the best of equipment and services available but patients are not aware of the same. Our job is to bring this to their notice and bridge the gap. Today, Care World TV services are available across the country and internationally too. The growth has been consistent.”
The target group for the channel is across age groups and segments. “We have programs talking to all types of audiences including women going through pregnancy (pre – natal and post natal), children, teens, and adults,” Gupta added.
Their shows cater to various issues like heartbroken adults, Aids, Sex, Mens issues, Womens issues, all ailments, any health related issues, etc. "Hence the target group is diverse, ranging from 10 to 70+ years, people from all income groups benefit from our counselling of experts. The shows are highly personalised irrespective of caste creed and race", he said.
“We do wide variety of ground events and health related trade shows apart from the various ATL and BTL campaigns we run from time to time,” Gupta concluded.  | By Aanchal Kohli [aanchal(at)adgully.com]

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