Facebook to introduce new feature to keep teens away from harmful content

Facebook will introduce new measures on its apps to keep teens away from harmful content, Facebook executive on Sunday commented.

U.S Law makers scrutinize how Facebook and Instagram affect young people’s mental Health.

Nick Clegg, Vice President, Global Affairs, Facebook, stated that the openness to the idea of letting regulators have access to Facebook algorithms that are used to amplify content.  Clegg also said that he could not answer the question whether its algorithms amplified the voices of people who had attacked the US Capitol on January 6.

Clegg spoke days after former Facebook employee and whistleblower Frances Haugen testified on Capitol Hill about how the company engages users to keep scrolling most of the time, harming the teens mental health and its well being.

Nick Clegg also spoke about introducing something called ‘take a break’, where they will be prompting teens to just simply just take a break from using Instagram. He said that we’re going to introduce something which will make a considerable difference, which is where their systems will see that the teenager is looking at the same content over and over again and its content which may not be conducive to their well being.


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