Falling out of love, what the stats say: Hotstar Study

Hotstar in partnership with Mindshare and Unomer recently released an independent research study that seeks to understand India’s view on infidelity. The Hotstar Out of Love survey aims to decode the evolution of married relationships in India and the importance of trust and loyalty between partners. Soon on the heels of Hotstar Specials’ latest show Out of Love that deals with the aftermath of infidelity and the myriad choices that people are faced with, this study tries to decipher the mindset of Indian married individuals across age groups and cities.

50% of India is INSECURE in marriages

As per the Hotstar Out of Love survey, insecurity in marriages looms over as half of all respondents feel the need to pry; with 45% people wanting to check their partner’s phone without their knowledge and 55% people who have already done it. Interestingly, almost 62% people in love marriages feel the need to check their partners phone. The survey further reports that suspicion of infidelity is higher in the North and East with 32% and 31% respectively, whereas West and South reported a 22% to 20% suspicion rate. 52% respondents from Mumbai and 56% respondents from Delhi claimed to have checked their partner’s phone without their knowledge.

Dr. Ramon Llamba – Life Coach, Therapist and Quantum Medicine Doctor said, “We as human beings are naturally driven by behavioural mechanisms called emotional drivers. People who have security and control as their primary driver have this innate desire to feed their emotions and be in control of their environment and feel secure by finding out information. This mechanism at a subconscious level drives them to spy on their partner’s phone or email.”

For 50% of India, infidelity is not just about a PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP

Over the past few years, the definition of ‘an affair’ has evolved beyond the physical aspect of a relationship to now include emotional and social media influence as well. While 47% claim that physical intimacy is the worst form of cheating, 37% feel that way about emotional infidelity. As social media dominates personal time, 16% respondents are bothered by social media infidelity.

Dr. Ramon Llamba said, “There are various types of infidelity; some that happen out of purely physical needs and some where it is more emotional. Cheating is not planned. It happens because humans have no control over their feelings or emotions. Often, they realize there is a void that they are trying to fill which could be either psychological, emotional or physical.”

When faced with infidelity, will India Forgive, Forget or Fight? 

The survey also revealed that 78% Indians will be bold about confronting infidelity. Having said that, almost 50% of Indians are willing to forgive their partner’s infidelity whereas 20% are willing to forget and the rest 30% claim they will fight it out. Reasons to forgive range from acceptance citing it as a ‘one-time thing,’ to kids and future holding prime importance or even feeling societal or family shame. Delhi has one of the higher rates of people who will choose to fight with 38% while 48% from Mumbai will choose to forgive.

Dr. Ramon Llamba added, “People choose to forgive because the partner who has been cheated upon makes an emotionally smart decision. At the core, humans forgive because there’s a silent voice that says it’s a natural phenomenon. The next big reason is having a family and they do not want to disrupt their lives by taking any drastic step”

The Hotstar Out of Love survey in partnership with Mindshare and Unomer was carried out with 1088 married respondents in the age-group on 18-64 years from across Metros and Tier 1 towns with a 50:50 Male: Female ratio. The survey was conducted using digital river sampling and the data is representative of smartphone user population in India.


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