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Films to watch this World Environment Day on Discovery Channel

Wild Karnataka  

Karnataka is the home to some of the richest wild places on the planet and boasts of a rich biodiversity, most of which is still unknown to the public. Interestingly, one quarter of India’s plant and animal species are found here, many of which are still unknown to the people of India. The film appreciates the efforts of the people, government, and the Forest Department of Karnataka, who are committed towards saving some of the greatest natural history for the future generations. Further, the movie spotlights the efforts of the government of Karnataka to save tigers and elephants as the state is a home to of these majestic animals than anywhere else in the world. The money raised by this launch had been donated to the Tiger Foundation of Karnataka Forest Department. The documentary sends a message of hope not just across India but across the whole world. Leading stars have lent their voices to narrate it in different languages, Sir David Attenborough narrated it in English, Rajkumar Rao lent his voice in Hindi, Prakash Raj in Telugu and Tamil, and Rishab Shetty in Kannada. Tune into discovery+ to immerse yourself into the rich national history of the state. 

The Story of Plastics  

This captivating documentary majorly focusses on the timeline of the plastic pollution crisis. Exposing the ugly truth behind plastic pollution and false solution of plastic recycling, the documentary highlights the excessive environmental damage that it causes along with the human rights abuse that occurs throughout its production. This life-changing documentary shines light upon one of the most pressing environmental issue, making it a must watch on World Environment Day. 

India 2050  

This documentary is a forecast into the imaginary future of India if we continue our current path and remain ignorant. It gives us glimpses into what damage climatic changes can bring upon us if we do not take responsible steps towards safeguarding our environment. It unravels the potential danger of uncontrolled environmental degradation and serves as a much-needed wakeup call. This World Environment Day, India 2050 will urge you to take your first step towards being a responsible citizen.

Jeremy Wade's Mighty Rivers  

In this new, six-part series, Jeremy sets out to examine and explore some of the planet’s largest waterways with the same immersive style that made River Monsters a global success. He’ll be taking the pulse of the Amazon, the Ganges, the Yangtze, the Mississippi, the Danube, and the Zambezi to understand how exploitation and pollution are contributing to the ruin of rivers that were once the lifeblood of communities and home to majestic freshwater giants. Jeremy himself believed it to be ‘the most important mission’. With each part being equally engaging, this series is sure to keep you glued to your couches.

Great Global Clean-up 

The show focusses on people around the world who gathered to take part in clean-ups in parks and beaches at an event called the “Great Global Clean-up”. It features Zac Efron and Zach King with some local superstars and people from all over the world who lend a helping hand and clean as much waste as possible with an aim to collect a hundred billion pieces of trash worldwide. With innovations in recycling and next-level waste management, these superstars are making a global impact with their local efforts. Whilst urging you to self-reflect, it is sure to top your watchlist on World Environment Day!


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