Fortis Healthcare launches India's first web based show

To celebrate the joy, excitement and so many other emotions that a woman experiences during her journey to becoming a mother, Mamma Mia holds hand with three young women while they embark on their journeys, meeting various surprises and challenges along the way. This initiative is being spearheaded byMs. Anika Parashar, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Mamma Mia.

The participants in this journey were selected at random through an online application form. On the basis of the most appealing and emotional responses, Mamma Mia has offered to be a part of their journey and share in the joys of motherhood.

Mamma Mia will offer a surprise package to the young mothers-to-be. They will be taken for baby moons; given spa treatments; gift a surprise weekend getaway; and plied with many more presents and hampers, to make them feel special. The trip to motherhood will also include a visit to a maternity store to shop for comfortable clothes specially designed for mothers-to-be; baby showers; given lessons in fitness and information that the mothers can follow through their pregnancy; a traditional “Gode Bharai” and many other exciting features.

The celebration is not just for the mother-to-be but will also include the would be father who will be counselled - on aspects and changes in the life of the expectant mother and their supportive role in this journey.

Ms. Anika Parashar, COO, Mamma Mia said, “The genesis behind this series is to build a human connect between these three inspirational women with the concerns, queries and issues that come up during their journeys and the lakhs of women in India who are going through similar journeys but may not know how, where or to whom to voice them with. We believe women from the ages of 22 to 45 who are planning or expecting a baby will greatly benefit from the experiences of these women and the conversations and advice via experts across Fortis Healthcare that comes out of the series.”

Dr. Kamna Chhibber, Head – Mental Health & Behavioural Sciences said, “Today, careers, lifestyle trends and other plans have taken a priority. Therefore, couples start planning their family, later. Conception, trouble free pregnancies and normal deliveries have become difficult. This leads to low self-esteem, depression, and psychological trauma particularly in women. In this context, it is extremely important that there be a focus on creating effective support systems, an emphasis on self-care as well as psychological well-being.”

Many women have their first baby in their early 30's because of a late marriage or active careers. However, it is ideal to have the first baby by the age of 35 because this is when the body is fit and ready. First time pregnancies above the age of 35 are often high riskand there is a concern about rising infertility among women who delay starting a family. New evidence demonstrates that it is increasingly difficult for women to become pregnant with the possibility of miscarriages. Several medical studies have shown that healthy pregnant women between the ages of 34 and 44 have almost the same odds as 25-year-olds in bearing healthy babies.


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