Four Expert Tips for Building Brand Authority

Brand authority is a crucial measure of your business's success. It simply indicates the level of trust and confidence that people have towards you. If you have a high brand authority, you are able to build a compelling presence in your industry.

By investing in brand authority, it won't be difficult to reach out to people who need the products and services you are selling. In addition, you also get to start trends and build a massive following of brand advocates.

Reaching such a level requires investing time and using the right strategies for putting your brand front and center. Here are a few tips to help elevate your brand to a higher pedestal.

1. Join events or host one yourself

Industry events offer more than just an opportunity to socialize with other business leaders. Conferences and webinars also serve as avenues for sharing insights and experiences. You might want to look for events in your industry where you can educate others or disclose best practices. You can even go so far as organizing an event yourself. It's just a matter of coming up with one that adds value to potential attendees.

2. Contribute guest blogs

Guest blogging is another way you can build brand authority. Small business owners and corporate executives alike are always eager to read about the latest news about their industries and look for expert advice. For this reason, consider writing guest posts for sites like Entrepreneur or Investopedia. While some sites require a fee, others can publish your article for free so long as it's informative, relevant, and fresh. When writing a guest post, make sure that it's well-researched and contains unique insights regardless of the topic.

3. Start a podcast series

Most business leaders prefer podcasting as a platform for sharing their views and discussing industry issues. Not everyone has the patience to read an entire article, so they turn to podcasts for their daily dose of knowledge. Consider starting your own series and inviting business partners and other thought leaders who want to talk about their experiences both as business owners and regular people.  Make sure to promote every new episode on social media and email.

4. Build a network of advocates

Oftentimes, you will need to depend on other people for building brand authority. Nothing makes for a trustworthy brand other than social proof, so reach out to your most loyal customers and encourage them to promote your business to their friends and family members. You might also want to get influencers on board to amplify your brand presence. Consider using an influencer platform to seek out content creators in your industry and set up a process for approving and tracking content that mentions your brand.

There are other ways that can help you build your brand authority, but these should help you get started.  Use these tips and let your brand become the dominant force in your industry.



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