From Internet to On-Ground Innovations: Viacom18 Studios’ #Fighter's Dominance Echoes!

In a resounding tribute to the Indian Air Force, #Fighter has emerged as a groundbreaking campaign, transcending digital boundaries to touch the hearts of millions. From the initiation of the #ThankYouFighter campaign to unprecedented on-ground innovations and media takeovers, here's how #Fighter dominated the collective consciousness:

Brand Association

#Fighter proudly collaborated with over 50 brands, including notable names such as Godrej Home Securities, Kotak PVR card, Bisleri, Croma, and Dr. Ortho Pain Relief to name a few. This extensive association reflects the trust and resonance that #Fighter has established with diverse audiences. 

#ThankYouFighter campaign

When #ThankYouFighter took flight, a wave of gratitude swept across the nation. Over 10 lakh heartfelt digital messages poured in from every corner of the country, along with 2.5 lakh handwritten letters from more than 300 schools across 23 states. This is a testament to the deep appreciation for the Indian Air Force. Team #FIGHTER went beyond the virtual realm, personally delivering the nation’s gratitude to our esteemed air warriors at the Pune Air Base. 

#BeAFighter Campaign

Viacom18 Studios has achieved groundbreaking success on Meta. The industry-first conversational chatbot under #Fighter recorded a remarkable 60% engagement rate, marking the largest Opt-In Campaign globally on the platform. This revolutionary tool has transformed the way we connect with our audience.

Furthermore, the Fighter AR Filter made a resounding impact by shattering global records on Meta. Achieving an average AR time spend of 53 seconds, this breakthrough showcased not only technological innovation but also engaged users in an immersive and prolonged digital experience. It marked a significant milestone in augmented reality interactions, adding a new dimension to our campaign's success.

IAF Band Collaboration

A partnership that resonated in the skies and evoked goosebumps from netizens nationwide— the #Fighter team collaborated with the Indian Air Force Band. Team #Fighter feels honored to have had the IAF Band perform their powerful rendition of #VandeMataram, uniting the nation in a shared spirit of patriotism

Outdoor Activation

#Fighter took innovation to new heights, quite literally! On-ground initiatives included eye-catching displays in Mumbai, like the Island Display at Juhu, anamorphic art installations in Sion, an active aircraft display at Carter Road and a jaw-dropping plane rotation in Mahim, showcasing the campaign's commitment to pushing boundaries in every dimension.

Lingo Takeover

Inspiring a linguistic revolution with a reach of over 5 million joining the wave, #Fighter brought aviation lingo to the forefront of internet discussions, turning it into a hot topic and showcasing the campaign's influence on popular culture.

News Channels and Print

#Fighter has made a significant impact in the news world, captivating audiences and dominating headlines. The campaign's influence has been nothing short of a storm, leaving an indelible mark on the media landscape. Adding to this triumph, in the Print leg of the campaign, #Fighter has championed every headline across the country. The campaign's innovative approach invited millions to scan QR codes, directing them to watch the thrilling trailer and engaging the nation in the inspiring story of valor and dedication. This Print element served as a dynamic extension, ensuring that #Fighter's narrative resonates widely across diverse media channels.

As #Fighter continues to rise, it stands as a testament to the power of unity, innovation, and the profound impact of gratitude!


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