Gaana unveils “The World of Podcast” on World Podcast Day

Audio is having a moment, thanks to people’s quest for hands-free and screen-free means of entertainment and Gaana is proud to be at the cutting edge of it all. Gaana, India's favorite entertainment super app, analyzed the love audiences have got for podcasts in India and Bharat. No surprises, turns out they truly are a pan Indian super app for podcasts with deep penetration in Tier 1 and Tier 2 alike!
Gaana is currently a platform for more than thirty thousand podcasts and home for over several thousand podcasters. Gaana believes that the future of podcasts will be driven by the creators, and they are trying to create an ecosystem to empower independent podcasters maximizing their reach.

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“Indians think and enjoy life in their native languages - which over the years, has added more variables to corporate equations, but has equally generated opportunities to innovate, and be unique & creative. The growing podcast ecosystem is following a similar trend.  My personal ambition is to reach listeners at the very last mile of Indian territory. A goal, which I have increasingly seen being realized with Gaana's strong and loyal vernacular/regional listener base” - quotes Abhay Maheshwari, a consultant from Big-4 turned podcaster who has been independently doing a slice of life storytelling podcast Lal Chasma for more than a year now. His podcast got featured under Podcast Top Charts on Gaana a couple of times.

Genres like Motivational, Devotional, Stories and News/Business are amongst topmost consumed podcast content for both Bharat and India audience. Also, two of Gaana’s branded podcasts, Umeed by Zakir Khan and Let’s Crack It with Cyrus Broacha, Palash Sen and Biswapati Sarkar have made it to the top 10 Podcasts list. These are some indicators for the right approach and strategy in the overall content direction as well as branded content where brands are seeing value from the engagement and specific content iteration in the podcasts that connect with their messaging and platform’s TG.

“Love for audio streaming in India is increasing daily. Millennials and Gen Z are looking for immersive experiences that podcasts are able to deliver. They are personal, direct and they inspire. I have been podcasting since the first wave of 2020 and ever since have seen a rampant growth in audience and engagement. I am a storyteller telling my story of being a pregnant papa. Gaana has been instrumental in Baap-Beeti A Pregnant Papa Podcast journey. Gaana has featured me in their top picks which has given my podcast the visibility which every podcaster requires to grow. I get my maximum listeners from Gaana, their support with insights on my listeners has helped me write for my TG i.e., Would be parents, parents or anyone who loves real life storytelling”, says Vaibhav Dewan.

As per Gaana, a majority of app users across Tier 1 and 2 cities own premium mobile devices (iPhones and Android with 3GB RAM or more). Mumbai is largest “streaming Gaana on Wi-Fi” market. Interestingly, some Tier 2 cities with a small user base are over-indexed on Wi-Fi usage.

Streaming on Wi-Fi (another relatively good indicator of purchasing power of our audience) is growing fast. Streaming on Wi-Fi is a big city phenomenon but small-town India is fast catching up. Special mention of Dhanbad, Visakhapatnam and Nellore listeners with highest users streaming using Wi-Fi.

Jaipur, Patna and Indore display a podcast consumption appetite similar to big metros. Devotional/spiritual podcasts are enjoyed irrespective of city size. General entertainment (comedy, fiction stories etc.) podcasts are largely consumed in HSM.

As we are entering another year, Gaana strongly believes podcasters are going to be the hero of this industry where the platform will play a larger role of being an enabler.

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