Garima Prahar talks about her new stint in 'Mose Chaal Kiye Jaaye'

Garima Parihar has become a popular name in the television industry with her performances becoming her claim to fame. She is presently seen in Sony Entertainment Television's new show Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye portraying the role of Prisha who is Soumya’s (Vidhi Pandya) maternal cousin. Prisha is a character who is self-obsessed and has larger than life desires with a cunning side to her.  

In the recent track, we see Prisha trying to impress Armaan Oberoi (Vijayendra Kumeria) by alluring him to make him fall for her. Armaan gets tricked by Prisha and almost falls for her but after seeing Soumya’s selflessness Armaan gets impressed by Soumya and decides to go to her house to meet her the next day. 

Speaking about her character Garima Parihar says, “It’s a great feeling being part of such a wonderful show which has a brilliant concept and great storytelling. My character in the show - Prisha is a complicated personality. She is not an ideal woman and has many flaws, but you must understand where she comes from to understand why she does what she does. 

She further adds, “This role came to me when I wanted to do something interesting, and Prisha is exactly that. She lets me go out of my comfort zone, one of the biggest challenges an actor can take on in their career. My character Prisha is a self-obsessed person who lives in her fancy world and is consumed with materialistic luxury. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will see how Prisha will be one of the reasons to cause huge upheavals in Saumya’s life. I am excited about how the viewers will respond to my acting. They say if you latch on to the grey shades of your character, you've done something right as an actor. I hope that's true for me! "

 Tune in to Mose Chhal Kiye Jaye every Monday to Friday at 9:00 PM on Sony Entertainment Television!


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