Goafest 2013: Concluding day was informative, entertaining, enthralling

The session on day 2 of Goafest 2013 began on a different note.  It opened with the spiritual  keynote speaker Swami Sukhabodhananda’s talk on : ‘Uncertainty is also a part of life’. Adding a touch of humour to his talk he addressed a packed seminar and spoke about  uncertainty and how it can be tackled as a challenge. Referring to the role of fear in shaping our perception of uncertainty, he gave a new meaning to the word FEAR. He termed it as: ‘fantasised experiences appearing real’. Further he also said that “Uncertainty in its purity is not experience, and I want everyone to deal with uncertainty wisely - with alertness, openness and aliveness.” ‘Creativity’ was  the theme of the various sessions on the concluding day and they certainly grabbed  eyeballs.

Tom Bernardin, CEO, Leo Burnett Worldwide who spoke at one of the sessions stressed  on the importance of integration and its role in helping brands reach people in different ways. ‘Brands need to identify four key mediums in communicating with today’s consumer’. He discussed the key parameters that needed to be considered while reaching out to consumers of today. The parameters are - ‘Social’ i.e. through social media, ‘Mobile’, ‘Shopper’ and ‘Design’. He said , “The integration of  all the four parameters is needed and it is a very effective as it conveys the message in a simple way which results in reaching out to consumers and gaining their acceptance.” He presented his points well with his presentations for brands like Samsung, Mc Donalds and Le Trefle.

Bernardin said that while causes were important for brands, authenticity was the key. He said, “Causes can be a very important aspect for brands. When they’re looking to understand people, it’s a great connecting tool. But, authenticity is the key. With technology, you can’t fake things. People get to know what is authentic in a jiffy.”

The session was followed by Shiv Singh, Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo Beverages, who spoke on the subject “Why no one cares about marketing”. He  outlined five ideas which he said were important in the current climate. Hew elaborated on the five ideas, viz.: a) Leave marketing behind, b) Think about experiences, not more ads, c) Bet on Facebook. d) Develop a 365-day culture and e) Capitalise on the India opportunity.He went on to say that today brands are lacking in understanding the wants of consumers and  whether consumers are ready to listen to what brands have to convey through their ads.

Sharing further he said that brands learn from their experiences, but there is a need to invest time and money on the right medium of communication and  it is necessary for them to leverage the cultural elements through their ads for effective communication plans.
The next session was presented by Abhishek Kapoor, Bollywood Director, who shared his views and points on the theme-‘ Do What Your Heart Says’. He discussed his experiences and his thoughts well by explaining his journey of being a Director and how till date he has been able to deliver hit films. He avers, “ It’s really important to work willingly and being satisfied when you do it.”
In the  concluding session themed ‘New Creative Revolution’, Amir Kassaei, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Worldwide shared his views on digital and creativity . He said , "Digital is the electricity of the 21st century. In the next 15-20 years everything that can be connected will be connected. This will completely change the way we work, communicate, get information or get entertainment. The way we innovate, or collaborate, the way we do business or define quality, usage, design."

‘Creativity’ is effectiveness, and it helps in  producing results.  He also stressed on the fact that if a creative person thinks that he is an artist, he is probably in the wrong business. According to him a creative person is one who proves to his client that his solution is the best and can provide the desired results.
Where the aspect of  problem solving is concerned he said  to solve a problem one needs to define it correctly – may it be awareness, brand loyalty or anything else. It helps one to be more effective and more creative.

He is of the opinion that one can never ever be in the advertising business alone. Elaborating further on this he said "We are in the business of making the product, services of the brand of our clients relevant. That's the business we are in. The goal should be to use your creative talent to help your client and change the world for your client."

Kassaei stressed on the importance of a brand's relationship with the consumer. He said that a marketer should start to see the people who are out there not as a grey mass or some defined target groups but as 'friends.' He also said that people do not want to be involved in advertising but they are interested in what's interesting and that's what the marketers have to develop.

"Also, the marketer needs to create relevance and not just awareness because if he is not relevant, awareness will mean nothing", he concluded.

Goafest 2013 concluded with the Abby Creative Awards Show - Print & Print Craft, Film & Film Craft, Outdoor & Ambient, Radio & Radio Craft, Integrated and Branded Content and Abby Outdoor awards . The various contests and the much appreciated rain dance engaged people on the  last day  thus leaving the attendees with much memories to cherish of their visit to the annual advertising festival.


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