Grand Slam Fitness announces collaboration with GIPHY

Grand Slam Fitness, a health and fitness industry leader and a pioneer in the gym equipment industry for nearly 30 years has recently announced its exclusive collaboration with the largest GIF search engine- GIPHY. For the first time, Grand Slam Fitness aims at increasing awareness by integrating your favorite Indian snacks & foods with fitness.

The idea of the campaign is to showcase popular Indian snacks and foods working out. Some of the popular Indian foods targeted by the campaign include Gol Guppas, Pakoras, Samosa, Tandoori Chicken, and Roti. Other delicacies range from the mouth-watering Jalebi, Kulfi, Chai Cup, to the Gujrati delight Dhokla. These foods are presented in a fun manner doing some sort of exercise. Keeping in mind peoples’ true love for food especially Indian, both Grand Slam Fitness and GIPHY have tried to create a unique food and fitness connection with the Indians.

This viral and engaging campaign was launched with the sole aim to connect with many Indian audiences. It will also help people to understand the relationship between food and fitness. It offers a subtle hint to people that ‘how important it’s to burn what we eat’. The idea of the campaign has been brainstormed by the GSF team and brought to life by the GIPHY artist, Aishwarya Sadasivan. The campaign incorporates comedy, color, food and fitness, thus making it a memorable & at the same time bringing out the uniqueness of the campaign in our daily life.

Speaking about the unique collaboration, the Director of Grand Slam FitnessMr. Prateek Sood says, “We were really excited to launch this unique food-fitness campaign on our 30thyear of operation of Grand Slam Fitness. Grand Slam Fitness was launched with one goal, to deliver fitness to every door step in India. Today we are able to generate so much fun for the users. All GIFs that are extensively used on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Slack, and Pinterest are powered by GIPHY.  It is worth mentioning that GIPHY’s creative GIFs are used in iMessage and on IG Story Stickers as well. Hence, we collaborated with GIPHY as GEO (GIF engine optimization) is the future of becoming the first social fitness brand. 

Isn’t it fascinating to see a Pav Bhaji doing jumping jacks? It is way more attractive and worth remembering than a person doing jumping jacks, right? The same goes with a person jump roping vs a ‘golguppa’ doing jump ropes, or a person doing sit-ups vs a ‘roti’ doing sit-ups. Such a fun-infused campaign has surely never been seen before.”


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