GSK brand Sensodyne staves off Lockdown blues by exploring human ties with food

Covid-19 positivity has been one of the uncounted blessings that has resulted during the Lockdown period. People at home are engaging in all sorts of interesting activities and hobbies and exploring their hidden talents.

Members of the family engaging in cooking has emerged as a favourite activity for many. Cooking recipes are now flooding the Internet as people serve delicious meals and share food porn images on social media Facebook and Instagram.

Sensodyne toothpaste, a GlaxoSmithKline Healthcare brand, took this opportunity to use food as a trigger and engage audiences on digital platforms. They posted images of some delicious summer foods that you can create at home to keep off the heat. Of course, the brand purpose of relieving tooth sensitivity by calming the nerves is hinted at in the communications.

In fact, the brand has garnered more than 88K+ impressions for their Instagram posts.  This digital engagement is part of their marketing campaign called #ForTheLoveOfFood which they initiated in February.

The marketing campaign #ForTheLoveOfFood was launched earlier this year which explored how people form deep emotional connections with the food they love to consume. The brand had launched several digital films depicting ordinary people cooking their favourite meals.




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