Happinetz's #InternetDoesNotDiscriminate Campaign Aims to Promote Safe Internet for Kids

Happinetz, a parental control filter box, has launched the #InternetDoesNotDiscriminate" campaign, designed to raise awareness about the potential dangers children face online and the crucial need for effective protective measures. 

In an age where children seamlessly access information, connect with friends, and explore the world through the internet, ensuring their online safety has become paramount. Recent incidents have highlighted the dark side of unrestricted and age-inappropriate internet access, from a child in Rajasthan who lost his sanity due to an online game to an 8-year-old ordering an AK-47 from the dark web. These harrowing tales underscore the critical importance of vigilant parenting in the digital age. The #InternetDoesNotDiscriminate campaign is a call to action, offering a series of compelling videos that shed light on alarming issues such as scams, unauthorized transactions, mental health concerns, and excessive online gaming addiction. Parents participating in the campaign were provided with news articles vividly illustrating the dire consequences of unregulated internet use. These stories struck a chord with parents, motivating them to join this vital initiative.

Speaking on the announcement, Richa Singh, CEO and Co-founder of Happinetz, said, “At Happinetz, we believe that every child deserves a safe and enriching online experience. The #InternetDoesNotDiscriminate campaign wants to remind parents that whether your child is 3 or 15, disciplined or not, bad internet affects them equally. We want to provide a tool to parents so they can protect their children effectively rather than rely on trial and error methods like surprise checks on their gadgets.”

Happinetz stands at the forefront of internet control solutions, offering a state-of-the-art multi-filtering system. This advanced system actively monitors more than 110 million websites and apps on the internet and has the capacity to block over 22 million unsecured and adult websites and apps. It empowers parents with the tools they need to create a safe online environment for their children, providing peace of mind and allowing them to explore the digital world responsibly.


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