How creative design agencies merge presentation design with storytelling?

Authored by Dharmendra Ahuja, Founder & CEO, PitchWorx

A powerful presentation is much more than a deck of aesthetically pleasing slides. The presentations loaded with too much information is difficult for the audience to digest. Basically, they lack the powerful connection between the ideas presented and the listeners. Human brains have an incessant need for narrative in the form of a story, maps, metaphors, or mental models. Embedding the powerful techniques and elements of storytelling in a presentation brings ideas to life and makes the presentation more relevant and well-received for the audience.

Storytelling never gets old. Creative design agencies use the hidden power of storytelling to connect with the audience and share real experiences that can influence decision making. In presentations, storytelling is considered as a significant way of organizing information while capturing the attention of the audience. Here are five different ways through which creative agencies merge presentation design with storytelling.

Incorporating an emotional experience

The core of storytelling lies in sharing emotional experiences with the audience. A story that
is emotionally strong not only catches the audience’s attention but also reaches their mind. According to an international study conducted at Princeton University (the United States) – powerful stories have a deep impact on the emotional responses of the audience. Creative agencies that provide PowerPoint presentation design services consider storytelling a cognitive tool. They make effective use of metaphors and mental imagery that are easy to remember for the audience. These elements help in making presentations create a definite and strong connection with the audience. 

Making stories purposeful

One of the key ways of incorporating stories in a presentation is to make it purposeful. Presentation design agencies achieve a sense of purpose by finding values and adding them aesthetically in the slides. Furthermore, they understand the people’s intuitive power towards a story that gives them an idea on attaining the universal impact of the presentation. The most common way to prove the purpose of a story is to add relevance at each point by putting the right information into a perspective. Thus, when a creative design agency brings a purpose to the presentation, it ultimately succeeds in making it influential to make the audience sit and listen till it ends.

Making every story personal

Audiences are more inclined towards human elements. Design agencies believe in telling personal stories or sharing experiences that people can relate to. When it comes to merging the art of storytelling with presentations, creative agencies move the audience from fantasy to reality through personal experiences. They focus on presenting real-life stories rather than fiction full of fantasy. According to several studies, compelling storytelling potentially increases memory retention than other forms of narrative. Specialized presentation design agencies ensure a sense of authenticity by using personal elements that create engagement and have the capability of memory retention.

Using the power of contrast

Purposeful storytelling in presentations requires the portrayal of ideas emerging from close surroundings. Since real-life is full of contrast and opposites, every story has two sides to showcase – positive and negative. Creative design agencies purposefully use contrast i.e. the conflicting sides in storytelling to stir more emotions and connect with the audience. Furthermore, the way of perceiving the ideas of a story is different for every listener. Thus, creative design agencies ensure a perfect blend of contrasting emotions, values, and beliefs in presentation designing to accelerate conversion rate.Building empathy

Stories are all about sharing experiences and provoking emotions. When the audience feels connected and perceives a relatable experience, it often results in building empathy. It is a neurological process that includes cognitive and emotional empathy. Storytelling through presentations is considered an excellent tool in making the audience put in the speaker’s shoes for understanding societal and community functioning. When creative design agencies use relevant characteristics in presentations, it fosters prosocial actions that emphasize helping others, breaks down biases, and builds empathy in the target audience.


Unlike financial slides, stories in presentations are based on real-life facts and emotions. Presentation design agencies incorporate real-life experiences to help audiences connect on a more human level rather than believing in stats and figures. Furthermore, they merge storytelling with presentation on a ground that lets the speaker decide what message they want the audience to take home.


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