ICICI Prudential AMC urges you to stay invested

It is said that necessity is the mother of all invention, and today, no statement holds more truth than this. The national lockdown has affected us all, and we’ve had to make various adjustments to our day to day lives to ensure that we stay safe, but keep moving forward. In times like these, the one thing (amongst others) that keeps us going is our dreams, and there are no restrictions there.

To keep our financial dreams alive, we need to focus on staying invested. This discipline can help each of us move past this difficult phase of our lives. And through our latest campaign, that’s exactly what we want every Indian to do. Stay home, stay safe and be focused on your dreams, by making smart decisions and invest systematically towards achieving those financial goals.

As a part of our investor education initiative, this campaign helps spread the message that you can invest digitally too! We’ve adapted the digital way of life for our day-to-day activities, and we shouldn’t forget to extend this to investing for our future as well, by investing into mutual funds through digital modes of investment.  

As an extension of our ‘Kuch Smart Kar, SIP start Kar’ campaign that we launched in 2019 with the SIP HOP Song “Chal kuch smart kar, SIP start kar”, we tried to highlight the true spirit of the Indian people, their strength and resilience to adapt to any situation. While the situation across the globe is unprecedented, life continues to find a way to move forward. And we salute that spirit of each and every individual who continues to move forward, no matter what.

Our film showcases the new normal, be it team meetings via video call, health and fitness lessons online, placing orders for vegetables and groceries through digital platforms and more. All the work on this film has been done indoors and digitally during the lockdown, in accordance with the safety rules prescribed by the Government of India.

Abhijit Shah, Head- Marketing, Digital & Customer Experience, ICICI Prudential AMC says, “There is a large shift in how we are managing our lives without stepping out in current times, by embracing smarter ways of doing things. Digital has emerged as the new normal and an efficient way forward for most of our activities including managing personal finance. With the help of various tools available through mobile applications and websites, one can easily learn, understand and assess the benefits of a systematic investment plan to fulfill various financial goals.

Through this communication, our endeavour is to highlight the benefits of digital investing and SIP as the preferred investment route in volatile market conditions. Hence we believe it is important to start and continue a smart habit like SIP, especially when it can be done conveniently through digital solutions.”

As the digital revolution continues, investing digitally is also quite easy and convenient through various platforms.

A SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is an easy, convenient and disciplined way of investing in mutual funds. Volatile times provide an investor with the opportunity to buy/accumulate more units (in case of mutual fund) at lower price, helping us to lower cost of acquisition And that’s why we’re asking investors to start now, if they have not already, to achieve their goals and dreams in life. It is important for each of us to use this time, to plan, assess and work towards financial fitness in order to achieve our goals.




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