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India’s rising ‘Gig’ economy

In an economy marked by the volatility and uncertainty of corporate layoffs, downsizing, digital disruption, retail consolidation, and new shopper behaviour new trends are emerging in the marketplace. Increasingly, short-term assignments, consulting work, and freelance assignments are giving birth to a new way of working called The Gig Economy.”

The gig economy is rising across the world because it is mutually beneficial to the employer and the employee as it offers benefits like convenience, flexibility, freedom, control, and is economical, too. India is recognised as one of the top 10 countries across the globe where the gig economy is on the upswing. In fact, India will assimilate in this rapidly evolving work culture at the highest pace, given that 64% of its population will be in the 20-35 age group by 2021.

ExpertBridge” founded by Atul Chand, Arshad Siddiqui and Suman Varma, say “ Our outfit is a boutique offering of Experts -On-Demand to Organizations in the areas of  Marketing - Brands-Digital-Trade Marketing-Sales & Distribution-Retail-PR. Delivering a business led approach with comprehensive solutions ranging from Strategy & Consulting to Talent & Training, delivering the advantage and creating sustainable value. “

Atul Chand, ex CEO ITC Lifestyle, a Co-Founder of ExpertBridge says “Experts bring on-board domain expertise, quality skills and strong networks that benefit businesses. Having ‘ been there and done it’, they are in a position to leverage the business lessons and solve the specific problems. The diversity of projects, flexibility of work, the opportunity to build a personal brand provide the Experts-on-Demand a sense of self-fulfillment. The Gig economy, a collaborative approach, provides mutual benefits to both, employer and employee. This concept is on the rise and is going to be the new way of work.”



Arshad Siddiqui ,ex Ceo Rasna, President of SRL, and Co-Founder says "We share a singular goal to empower organisations and drive lasting positive change through a leadership stance, by embracing a new way of working with Gig workforce / Experts-On-Demand. We work towards adding value to our clients business”







Suman Varma, ex JWT / Rediffusion Y&R, and a Co-Founder says “The Start-Ups, small & mid-sized companies who are hungry for growth and cannot afford high cost talent benefit a lot from ExpertBridge. Of late, we have ourselves become Gigers, taking on projects and leading from the front. These are exciting times for both- the individuals, wanting to be independent and explore on one hand, and for companies who do not attract high quality talent on their payroll to get into short-term contractual arrangement."



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