Infected 2030 on Eros Now will give viewers a reality check

Infected 2030 presents a not-so-distant dystopian world where the entire globe is engulfed by a deadly virus which is also a situation being faced presently. The interesting story currently streaming on Eros Now revolves around a married couple who though living together are pulled apart because of the infection by this specific virus. A heart-wrenching tale that shall present different scenarios appealing to viewers' intellect as they take this short but intriguing journey together with the couple.

Chandan P Singh, Writer, Director, and Producer of Infected 2030 says, “I am grateful to Eros Now for featuring my short film which will reach a wide number of viewers. In a way, we are all facing similar circumstances. Our social interactions have almost vanished with no interpersonal contact other than video chats and phone calls. We are unable to celebrate festivals, go to parties or any other functions. This movie presents a different tale of a couple who love each other but are forced to stay away from each other due to this sickness. The lady has to be confined which ultimately takes a toll on her mental health and how does the couple deal with it forms the crux of the narrative. This movie will give viewers a reality check on their relations they share with their close ones.”

Millions of people all over the world have been affected due to this deadly virus. Infected 2030 paints another grim image of the year 2030 where a similar virus attacks mankind and its repercussions that follow. This one-of-a-kind narrative will definitely keep all Eros Now viewers on the edge of their seats.

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