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Is online shopping the best mode to purchase mobile phones in 2021?

The advent of the 2019 Coronavirus pandemic has brought with it a change in shopping trends. Now, online shopping has almost become an integrated part of our everyday lifestyles. The stocks of online shopping corporations such as Amazon have skyrocketed as well.

As more consumers begin to join online shopping of mobile phone , more individuals have also started questioning whether it is better than ‘offline’ or in-person shopping.

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When it comes to electronics, there is an added level of risk to trusting an online platform for an expensive purchase. In this article, we address the most pertinent question of this day and age -- is online shopping worth it for purchasing a mobile phone?

1. Broad Range of Products

Mobile online shopping has its perks, especially when it comes to the comprehensive range of devices you can purchase at different prices. Not every country has physical outlets set up belonging to every smartphone brand because of the high fixed overhead costs that come with such stores.

Therefore, many brands prefer selling their products online so that every customer, regardless of their location, can get access to their preferred brand’s devices.

Physical outlets have the tendency to keep only the latest phone models, but with mobile online shopping, you can get access to any phone model you wish to buy.

Online shopping also lets you support small retailers that do not have physical platforms to back up their smartphone selling services. From an unbelievable number of models to pick from to exciting novel brands you have not even heard of, online shopping has it all.

2. Information Transparency

Through the internet, you can get access to more information on a product rather than having to listen to only the good specifications of the product, as told by the pertinent physical store’s seller. You can look into long term reviews of the smartphone, and even learn about the ethics the brand you are interested in follows. If you are worried about any fraud that could take place by visiting a specific store, you can also see the consumer reviews on the e-commerce store to soothe your worries.

3. Social Distancing Measures

By joining the mobile online shopping community, you are basically taking the required measures to distance yourself from others, and prevent the viral spread of the novel Coronavirus.

You also get to avoid the hassle of standing in a crowded store, which is beneficial for individuals who suffer from certain sensory processing disorders. During festive seasons, in specific, physical stores and malls are generally very crowded because of the sales that get displayed on every store’s window.

Avoiding this and purchasing whatever you want from any location works out in every consumer’s favour. Furthermore, you would also be doing your wallet a favour by not giving in to any spontaneous expenditures, which when considering the exorbitant price tag that sometimes comes with smartphones, is very good for you.

4. No Access Restrictions

You no longer have to save all your shopping for the weekends with mobile online shopping. With the internet at your disposal, you can shop at any time of the day throughout the week. Although you may not get in touch with a live assistant at any time of the day, you still have access to the store’s products, and can make a transaction at any time for any smartphone you like.

5. Time and Cost Saving

Shopping for electronics online saves you from wasting your time and money. Online stores usually provide discounts to their customers more regularly compared to physical outlets. It is quite common for shopping websites to provide customers with exclusive voucher codes rather than giving them in person as well.

Additionally, many websites provide the same smartphones for cheaper prices than the price displayed in stores. If affordability is your main objective, then online shopping is the way to go as you can easily find the best phone under 10000 online.

With advanced filter options on websites, you will also be able to find the exact product you are looking for in a matter of minutes, rather than having to visit every store until you find your dream smartphone.

Moreover, your time will be saved through home delivery services. This is especially advantageous to those individuals who face certain difficulties in walking. Return procedures detailed on online websites are quite easy to understand and follow as well.

Also read:  6 out of 10 Indian shoppers have downloaded streaming video apps: Criteo report


In short, yes, online shopping is one of the best modes through which you can purchase an electronic device, or a smartphone, more specifically. Shopping via the internet does not only save you time and money, but also the effort of having to visit several stores before making a purchase. In the current day, online shopping, for these reasons, has almost become the norm.

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