It's All Good No Bad With Raw Pressery

Staying true to its core brand philosophy, Raw Pressery recently launched is annual IMC – All Good No Bad (AGNB).  A campaign focused on integrating the primary brand belief with functional delivery, AGNB has been a part of RAW’s identity since its inception.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Anuj Rakyan, Founder & MD- RAW Pressery said, “The objective of using this communication was to create talk ability around our key brand belief with our main stakeholder - our consumer. RAW has always stood for everything all natural and unprocessed; the same philosophy is engrained in our DNA and amplified in every aspect of our communication. We believe everything is best in its Raw, Untainted & Unprocessed form. For us, ’All Good No Bad’ is the product as well as the brand’s philosophy. While the product is always: All Natural. No Artificial.  All Taste. No Added Sugar. All Real Ingredients. No Concentrate. All Fresh. No Preservatives. The brand exists in a world, which is simple, straightforward and free of pretence and is all about: All Truth. No Lies. All simple. No complicated. All love. No Hate. All Good. No Bad. This philosophy runs wide across our portfolio of juices, smoothies, soups, almond milk and soon to be introduced probiotics. Each of our products effortlessly imbibe All Good. No bad. Strengthening Trust and Transparency for both product and brand.”

He adds, ”Going back to basics, we approached this campaign by integrating what we represent on the most primary level with what we try to communicate on a daily basis. The response has strengthened our commitment to the cause and we look forward to building more properties around our philosophy.” 

The campaign has been conceptualized and designed keeping in mind the visual identity of the brand that has been fruit centric/ingredient led.  All 28 variants of the brand best embody the philosophy of ‘All Good No Bad’ keeping in the nutrition while keeping out - preservatives, chemicals, added sugar and water. 

“As we are a digital first brand, our consumers identify and appreciate the visual language that continually glorifies the fruit in playful yet aesthetic ways. We played with Symmetry and color on color to create a bold, clean, minimal look. The idea was also to look very different from any other juice brand to break clutter.  While usually brands extend mainline communication (ATL) into static mediums & digital, we stayed true to our digital identity and reversed the trend to take our digital identity on OOH” said Smritika Sharma, Marketing Head, Raw Pressery.

While the brand continues to amplify The All Good No Bad philosophy through all their communication on digital and print media, this campaign has also gone live through the OOH platform across Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore and Chennai.


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