Killer Jeans launches new campaign - #TogetherAsOne

Killer Jeans, the brand that is best known for Killer instinct announces the launch its new campaign #TogetherAsOne. The campaign highlights the concept of bringing human and animals together in perfect harmony, living in the same world, occupying the same space.

The campaign was shot under the supervision of experts & professional animal trainers. No animals were ill-treated, harmed or sedated in any manner during the shoot which is a collaborative effort of the company and Killer brand, along with Russian renowned artist & ace photographer Katerina Plotnikova. The campaign mainly depicts that humans and animals can co-exist peacefully.

"It’s ironical that the campaign thought and brand name “Killer” is a conflict and that makes it more engaging for a consumer when they see a brand name killer talking about conservation. Also getting animals that won’t be harmed for shoot like being sedated or in any other way also was a challenge because we wanted to really go by the belief we are trying to sell and not merely treat it like a creative execution. At the end we collaborated with Katerina Plotnikova who lives by the philosophy of oneness between nature and human kind and thus lead to realization of this campaign. So it's always an exciting proposition to come up with never-seen-before concepts for a brand, our idea was to come up with something that can fully soar into the world of daring style." says Mr. Sameer Makani, Director, Makani Creative's, one amongst the best known for cult campaigns for Fashion & Lifestyle.

Mr. Hemant Jain, Promoter & Director of KKCL which owns brand Killer proudly says "Killer as a brand is known for its bold communication and through this campaign the brand wanted to depict co-existence. The attempt was to create a communication which pumps with power, style, attitude and should stand as a creative piece that could bundle what Killer offers."

As a brand, Killer has always believed and endorsed veganism as a concept and the latest campaign will be seen extensively on national TV commercials, Print advertisements & Outdoor. The brand campaign showcases the detailing of designing, styling, stitch, cuts, patterns, prints in jeans, T-shirts, shirts and shoes. The company which boasts of global standards in quality, technology, marketing and branding, has sales in Asia, Middle East and CIS.


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