├ ákoda Auto has a long-term commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainable development. Besides tens of environmental activities, the key tools ├ ákoda Auto uses to help the automotive industry reduce its environmental impacts and give every driver a chance to join the climate-saving mission are its GreenLine products and GreenLine technologies.

In this connection, the upcoming Paris Motor Show is going to see second-generation GreenLine products. The pillars of the GreenLine models are modern diesel engines with direct injection (1.2 TDI CR 55kW and 1.6 TDI CR 77 kW), the Start-Stop technology and the braking-energy recovery system. Other items include an adapted engine control unit, tires with reduced rolling resistance, changes made to the aerodynamics of the body and the chassis, a gear change recommendation indicator on the dashboard, and more.

Among further important technology features is the Start-Stop system that reduces fuel consumption by as much as 10 % and even more in city traffic. Besides zero emissions, the automatically switched off engine is noiseless as the driver is waiting at traffic lights, which certainly improves the quality of life in cities. Furthermore, the GreenLine vehicles recover energy as they brake ' as a result of repoling the generator, a part of the kinetic potential gets back to the accumulator in the form of electricity that then does not need to be generated at the cost of consumed fuel. Moreover, the driver can substantially influence the fuel consumption of their car - to provide necessary information in this respect, all GreenLine models are fitted with a gear change indicator.

In 2008, the first-generation GreenLine models marked the start of ├ ákoda Auto├é┤s initiative aimed at permanently reducing the fuel consumption of its vehicles; the GreenLine technology is a combination of adaptations made to the vehicle and its engine that ├ ákoda never stops developing. With these GreenLine models ├ ákoda Auto has a very modern portfolio of cars with exceptionally low consumption.


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