Kuku FM partners with WhizCo for Influencer Activities & Campaigns

WhizCo, India’s leading Influencer Marketing and creator management agency, has announced that it has partnered with Kuku FM, India’s leading podcast platform for an influencer marketing campaign. The collaboration aimed at helping Kuku FM promote its wide range of audiobooks, Podcasts, Talk shows, Stories, and more diverse audio content.

As part of the collaboration, WhizCo worked for complete influencer campaign management- from shortlisting, evaluating, and onboarding influencers to conceptualising the campaign, gathering feedback, and tracking the performance of the campaign.

Bringing together YouTube influencers from various categories, WhizCo conceptualized a Video Integration campaign for Kuku FM that uses influencers’ videos as a marketing platform by integrating the product ad into the natural flow of the video. By shortlisting the best influencers and providing creative direction to the campaign, WhizCo was able to strategize the campaign in the best way possible to help promote Kuku FM. WhizCo reached out to creators and influencers with a good outreach YouTube presence that could help boost Kuku FM’s brand awareness in the most effective way possible.

"We are so thrilled to be collaborating with Kuku FM and devising influencer marketing campaigns for them. Everything about the campaign, from conceptualizing to executing this campaign, was really fun and exciting, and I’m glad we were able to meet the expectations and goals of the brand. We look forward to creating and designing more such campaigns for Kuku Fm," said Prerna Goel, Co-Founder, and Chief Marketing Officer, WhizCo.

“Working with Whizco has been amazing. Their team who understands the brand requirements and needs is truly amazing! Deepanshu from Whizco went beyond his work hours to get things done for us. They provide you with insights and suggestions, which you otherwise don’t think of. My experience has been amazing” said Rahul Chiplunkar, Influencer Marketing Manager at Kuku FM.

WhizCo is one of India’s leading influencer marketing and creator management agencies. The agency, which manages over 10,000 content creators on almost every short-video app and social media platform in the country, has also plunged into Live Commerce and started working with India’s leading e-commerce platforms for Live Commerce campaigns.

WhizCo has successfully completed various influencer marketing campaigns with leading brands in the past and is currently in the process of launching its very own influencer and creator discovery portal that will take things to the next level for both brands and influencers alike and allow users to search from a database of 50,000 creators across 25+ categories. The portal, which is expected to launch soon, will provide data-driven full campaign management, help bridge the gap between brands and influencers, and help brands craft the perfect influencer marketing campaign for their business.


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