Madhu plays Santa in TV Ke Uss Paar

Ho Ho Ho! With Christmas around the corner, there’ll be lots of Santas’ spreading the X’mas cheer if not in person then through our TV shows. And one such Santa Claus will be seen on TV Ke Uss Paar, that airs every Monday to Saturday 8: 30 PM only on Zindagi. Madhu played by Amita Khopkar will be seen playing Santa, trying to make her son Vivek’s life easier at work. Madhu managed to gather a huge fan following for her realistic portrayal as a TV obsessed mother who handles situations in her life inspired by her favourite TV shows. And now get ready to be charmed by Madhu’s innocence as Santa.

In the recent episodes, we have seen how Aakash Ahuja, who plays Madhu’s son Vivek uses the plot of Golmaal (of having a twin brother – Vinay) to get himself out of a situation which could potentially lead to Vivek getting fired from his job. Madhu dislikes Kavya, Vivek’s boss, for troubling her son all the time. Madhu decides to teach her a lesson and makes ladoos for her mixed with laxative (Jamalgota). Accidently, the ladoos reach the big boss and he falls victim to them making the situation worse for Vivek.

Madhu, in another attempt to fix things for her beloved son Vivek, gets inspired with Ramolika’s plan from one of her favourite shows and decides to use it on Kavya. While Vivek is completely unaware of his mother’s plan of repairing things at work for him, Madhu dresses up as Santa Claus shows up at Kavya’s home with the purpose of stopping her from harassing Vivek however instead Madhu’s heart starts melting and begins to develop a soft corner for Kavya. Will Madhu worsen the situation for Vivek further or will the Christmas spirit help Madhu like Kavya?

TV Ke Uss Paar is a parody that gives a reality check on how today’s society is obsessed with its over-dramatic daily soaps. The show promises a lot tongue-in-cheek humour with its relatable content. Aakash plays Vivek who returns to Mumbai after a two-year stint in Bangalore. He realizes that his mother, is a different person now, totally absorbed & obsessed with television soaps which is influencing her mannerisms as well. The line between the real and reel world begins to blur for his mother as she gets an entry into the TV world.

Catch Madhu as Santa Claus in ‘TV Ke Uss Paar’ on 24th December 8:30 PM only on Zindagi!


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