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MaPa’s founders launch Voxbox - A playground for your kid’s imagination

The founders of the app MaPa Story, Aditya Jaishankar and Sunder Raman have  launched an app named Voxbox. 

They were fascinated by how expressive kids were when they narrated stories and felt that probably there was an opportunity for a product beyond just storytelling, that could tap even further  into a kid’s imagination and his /her need for  expression.    

They were pleasantly surprised to find that kids were looking for a platform where they could connect with other kids .A platform where they could have a  voice, express themselves about various topics and share their thoughts with other kids  

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I love talking ,expressing my ideas , my thoughts , was a common refrain across kids  

Based on these insights their team arrived at an idea of an audio based platform named Voxbox where every  kid could have a voice and be heard. A platform where they could   share their ideas, thoughts, experiences  and stories with other kids across the country . 

This is literally like a playground for their imagination as the kid has a wealth of diverse fun topics to choose from to let their imagination free, says Jaishankar.  

Giving kids a playground for their imagination was one aspect , but what doubled the excitement was giving kids across the country an opportunity to connect with each other by becoming a part of the Voxbox community . 

The pillars of Voxbox that is the  3 C’s - Create connect and cheer is what makes the overall experience fun and fulfilling for the kid says Jaishankar 

Creating, appreciating, and sharing an audio post are all given their due importance on the  Voxbox community and add up cheer points which can be redeemed for more fun inspirational interactions and other rewards .  

The team however realized that one of the biggest barriers is safety and security of a child in today’s big bad world online .  

We are not just safe, but we are extra safe and careful as we are parents too and we are paranoid about our kid’s privacy says Jaishankar 

The app is both GDPR and COPA regulated which completes the safety protocols 

With a huge potential of 1.6 cr kids in India alone between the age of 6 to 12 who can access the app with their parents online, Voxbox will initially  focus on the Indian market .It will then spread to other markets like South East Asia where parents and kids will be keen on exploring this. 

The good news for parents is that the app will be available for free  and one will be charged only for value added features and benefits within the app.  

We hope this app will be a win win for both parents and kids and we continue to work relentlessly to expand the imagination of the kid with our pipeline of innovations says Jaishankar

The app is now available in an android version on the google playstore and the ios version will be available soon


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