Mickey's loyal and lovable pet, Pluto celebrates his birthday on September 5 on Disney Channel

An integral part of Disney's fab 5, Mickey's loyal and lovable pet, Pluto celebrates his birthday on September 5 on Disney Channel.

On the occasion of Pluto's birthday, kids and families can watch special episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mickey's Have a Laugh starring Pluto on Disney Channel on September 5th from 11.30 am to 2.00 pm. Young viewers and Pluto fans can also catch a special glimpse of the cutest dog in the world in a birthday song created especially for him. Premiering on Disney Channel on Pluto's birthday, the special song will be showcased all through the week for fans to enjoy.

One of Pluto's young fans from Mumbai, Raghav Agarwal, aged 9 drew a special birthday card for Pluto along with his friends to wish him on his birthday. He said, "I love Pluto. He is my favourite. In fact, I would like to have him as a pet. I like his yellow colour, long ears and ever-smiling face. I love watching him in Mickey Mouse Club House on Disney Channel with my little sister."

Another one of Pluto's young fans, 9 year old poet, Aanya Shahani from Mumbai sent her poetic wishes for Pluto, "Pluto is sniffy, smells Mickey in a jiffy; He digs for bones and will swat any drone who licks his priced bone."

Interestingly, Pluto was in the entertainment business before he came to be known as Mickey's pet. He made his screen debut in the Disney film "The Chain Gang." Later that year he was cast as Minnie's dog, in the "The Picnic." It wasn't until the movie "The Moose Hunt" that Pluto finally found the best friend a dog could ever have, Mickey. Ever since, everyone's favorite pet from Disney, Pluto has appeared in many films, including 44 theatrical cartoons. Pluto has regular appearances in pioneering Disney Junior series --- Mickey Mouse Works, Disney's House of Mouse and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

As a friend, Pluto is eager-to-please, always there for Mickey and easily startled. When confronted with a problem, he usually takes the time to reason things out rather than acting on instinct, and can implement surprisingly creative solutions. Pluto communicates in a series of sweet dog barks, heart-melting facial expressions and body movements. The only words he has ever spoken were in the cartoon The Moose Hunt, where he says "Kiss me."

As a lovable pup, Pluto, has surely found some attention from his female counterparts, first from Fifi, Minnie Mouse's pet and then from Dinah, the Dachshund.


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