More than 69% of marketers today, rely on marketing automation: Vikram Kotnis

Authored article by Vikram Kotnis, Founder & MD, Amura Marketing Technologies
With the recent involvement of technology taking the marketing world by storm, the reasons to adopt marketing automation is pretty self-evident. Still if you are looking for a reason to automate your marketing efforts, let me give you some staggering statistics. More than 69% of marketers today, rely on marketing automation. Better still, more than 97% of these marketers have witnessed an increase in their marketing ROI.
Whether you’re happy with your current marketing efforts or overwhelmed by the range of options available or don’t know which one to pick or just unaware of the potential of marketing automation, let’s look at the top 5 reasons to consider marketing automation for your company. Fundamentally, marketing automation is all about optimization. From optimizing your sales team’s time to focusing their efforts  on the potential customers, the scope of automation goes way beyond that what it sounds like.
More Time to Focus on What Matters

Time is money and what marketing automation does is save you time. Imagine being able to save all the time you and your team spend manually managing all your marketing requirements and focus that time coming up with creative new ideas or spending more time interacting with customers and clients for better service.
With marketing automation tools, you can spend more time running your business instead of constantly marketing it.
In-tune with Campaign Best Practices

Know the best ROI of different products or services, use the most effective PPC bid or optimize the connection between your efforts and end figures. With marketing automation you don’t have to spend hours, days, weeks and months analyzing the data to come up with the best estimate. Instead, the automation tools give you access to all the statistics and calculations to give you the answer.
The best part is that marketing tools can automatically adjust your campaigns or make the best suggestions for you.
Tools for Your Every Need

With so many marketing tools available, finding the right one is like hiring a new employee with all the experience and training. Whatever your business there is a specific tool made just for you. Generic platforms might not work for your specific needs.
 Finding the right marketing tool or a custom-made suite will help you automate your marketing without any worry about going wrong.
Easier to Track

Marketing automation comes equipped with analytics tools, so you can easily track of your marketing performance. Get better control over reporting, data measurement, analytics and accountability. Using a centralized platform, you can measure all this data and adjust it to suit your needs. You won’t need to jump between multiple programs or spend countless hours measuring and gathering different statistics; it’s already laid out for you.

If you need to adjust your campaign based on the information, it’s easy to make the changes from the same place as you measure it, eliminating iterations.

Better Return on Investment

The biggest reason is a better return on your investment. Automated marketing is low on cost and requires minimum effort, but gives you increased ROI by reducing staffing costs, finding more leads and increasing sales.
Combine this with better lead management and prioritization and you will see your sales producing a better ROI.
Vikram is the Founder and Managing Director of Amura Marketing Technologies, established in 2009 with a vision to create a product/platform company in India. With a knack of identifying prospective businesses, he sighted an early opportunity with digital marketing in India which helped him in bringing alive his vision. His astute businesssense and leadership is the guiding torch for Amura and its talented team.

Vikram is an industry leader with more than 18 years of experience in incubating and scaling up businesses. He drives the strategy and operations for Amura. He is responsible for advancing Amura’s leadership and vision in the space of marketing technology.


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