Nazraana's new TVC looks for 'Heart of Diamond'

The one thing that every girl silently wishes for when she is about to tie her wedding knot is that her husband loves her family as unconditionally as she does. Only a man who is truly genuine at heart, who has “A heart of a diamond” will be the perfect man of every girl’s dream. With this thread as their concept the Nazraana diamonds have created an ad that shows a beautiful moment where one realizes the true value of the giver. Since Nazraana diamonds revolve around celebrating the giver this ad beautifully weaves out a scenario.

It begins with the girl’s would be in-laws and husband visiting the girl’s house. While everyone is seated comfortably with some playful banter going on, yet there is a slight touch of formality, after which the scene focuses on the grandmother of the bride who is carelessly sipping on her afternoon tea. While the sound of it makes everyone awkward especially the girl’s parents, the groom notices this very awkwardness and follows suit by sipping tea the way this granny does, and so do his parents. The relief etched across the face of this girl who has been gifted a Nazraana Diamond by her would be in laws and the happiness on her parents face is how this ad concludes. The idea that only a heart that gifts a diamond shines like a diamond is brought out extremely well. While it has “real people” in this ad with “real issues” the emotion that beauty and gifting is all about the heart is portrayed excellently.

This ad has more than 5 lakh hits on you tube and is becoming fast popular for their seamlessly real picture of any Indian Household. The tagline intact the story has been weaved out with great impact.


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