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New features on YouTube to prevent spam comments and account impersonators

In order to reduce channel impersonation and spam comments, a new setting for comments inYouTube Studio is now available to YouTube Creators. The option to raise strictness will be available to creators. Furthermore, the business said that this expands upon the "hold potentially improper comments for evaluation" setting and will lower the volume of spam and identity misuse comments. Compared to needing manual approval for each and every remark or turning them off entirely, it is a more lenient choice. Channels will no longer be allowed to hide their subscriber figures as of July 29. That is a strategy frequently employed by persons who appear to be in charge of bigger, more well-known channels, according to the Google-owned video network. Impersonators frequently post comments on other videos to draw viewers to their phoney page. YouTube recognised that some creators would rather keep their subscriber count a secret while they are growing their following. But it said that by doing this, everyone will be kept safe. The usage of special characters by fake channels to impersonate more well-known authors will soon be somewhat less successful, according to the analysis. The character set that users can use to update a channel name is being limited, according to YouTube.


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