News18 Lokmat's has proved once again to be the Voice of Maharashtrians

Continuing News18 Lokmat’s commitment to spearheading issues of the common man and bringing it to the notice of the policy makers, News18 Lokmat has brought a smile to the face of State Transport Department.

State Transport personnel who have emerged as warriors in the midst of the Corona Epidemic have been facing lot of difficulties with their salaries not being disbursed on time since the last 3 months.

 News18 Lokmat which stands for the voice of the people of Maharashtra shown spotlight and brought to light the plight of the workers during this trying times. The channel also raised the matter upfront with the government.

 On 9th November, Monday from 9 am onwards, we launched a campaign as an initiative for these State Transport workers under the name 'Pagaracham Bola'.

Under this initiative News18 Lokmat for entire day showed the plight of the employees, their families and children and how it has impacted them badly and kept pressure on the government to disburse their salaries.


The relentless efforts of News18 Lokmat paid off when Transport Minister had to hold a Press Conference on the behalf of Government with an announcement that 2 month salaries of this employees will be credited in their bank account before Diwali, post the announcement, the State Transport employees across the state of Maharashtra have been pouring heartfelt thank you messages to News 18 Lokmat for their timely and impactful support

 Over the last few days News18 Lokmat has emerged as a different identity from other channels by voicing out the social issues of the people that has been well appreciated by the people and winning their hearts.


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