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OkCupid celebrates unconventional love stories

2021 is the year of the ‘new’: new normal, new mindsets and a new approach to dating, finding love and relationships. OkCupid, a dating app known for serious relationships, believes in helping daters form real connections. Using AI to help millennials find love on their terms, OkCupid is built around an algorithm that uses answers to over 3,000 questions, some global and some localized especially for the Indian audience, to help users form meaningful connections on the basis of shared interests, likes and beliefs. Ranging across serious global issues like combating climate change, stance on gender rights or gendered roles and responsibilities to the simplest of quirks such as liking pineapple on pizza, OkCupid allows daters to set their expectations from a relationship and a partner clearly from the start. 

OkCupid believes in helping you find your kind of love without conforming to societal pressures of gender, identities, age etc. and encourages daters to take charge, not compromise and seek the kind of love they desire. The app has played an extensive role in brewing some heartfelt love stories for couples who found love and a fortunate stroke of serendipity by matching with and finding their true partners on the dating app, which is testament to the fact that love can indeed be found online.  

Celebrated across popular social media platform Humans of Bombay, are a handful of these raw, unconventional and authentic stories of real life couples who met on OkCupid, battled hardships and found love, even during the pandemic. 

  1. These gentlemen are the true definition of love that knows no bounds. Covid-19 may have separated them this year, but even international lockdowns and continental distance couldn't dull their love. They met in Milan on OkCupid and knew on the very first date that they had met their soulmates. After four years of being together and a promise to follow each other to the end of the world, they hope to show the world their love without any inhibitions. 
  1. Kiran Kandade had been married for 22 years and it was when she separated that her daughter encouraged her to give dating apps a try. So, at the age of 50, she decided to start living her life again. Her bio said one would need a cup of coffee to go through it all, and Tom, her partner in crime, and life now, replied saying he was so intrigued that his coffee went cold! After a year of dating, before he knew it himself, Tom blurted out to a friend that he was in love. Now, they travel and grow together, and don't feel the need to “label” their relationship.  
  1. Adrian and Aarohi found love within 2 weeks of Aarohi joining the app. Believe it or not, another two weeks later, they said their first ‘I love you’s.’ Although they may not have matched on every like and dislike, OkCupid matched them on the basis of their shared beliefs. Which is why, from the very first date, they were finishing each other's sentences. The lovebirds had to postpone their engagement because they both tested positive for Covid, but the moment they recovered, they planned a ceremony in just 2 days! 

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