Optimising your e-B2B marketing strategy: Abhijeet Jhawar

Abhijeet Jhawar, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Infra.Market

India boasts an impressive business ecosystem, further propelled by the e-commerce sector. The increased digital penetration and the changed behavioural trends due to the pandemic set the stage for increased digital commerce. While popular with the B2C audience, there has been a seismic shift in the B2B landscape as well. India's e-B2B market is one of the fastest growing in the world and is set to reach $90-100 billion by 2030, according to a report by Redseer Strategy Consultants. The report further notes that approximately 50% of the non-users as of today are willing to shift to e-B2B platforms in the coming year.  

An integrated B2B marketing campaign is crucial in the limitless e-B2B market. It helps to promote complex products using a mix of traditional and digital tactics while maintaining personal touch, tapping into audience emotions, earning trust, nurturing lasting relationships, and increasing the purchasing cycle of products or services using different strategies and tools.

The realm of e-B2B marketing presents its own set of difficulties, much like any other industry. These challenges may involve integrating technology, developing content for a global audience, synchronising sales & marketing efforts, identifying the appropriate target audience, and generating high-quality leads. As a result, the marketer's role has transformed into one that involves fostering organisational acceptance and facilitating the implementation of change.

Initially, B2B marketing revolved around trade advertising, sales manuals, and in-person presentations. With evolving times, more tools have become disposable. Extensive research, trial and error campaigns and continuous modifications can go a long way towards a successful strategy. The number one goal for marketers is to increase revenue and optimise ROAS and for that, a company needs to appeal to a much wider audience. 


Let's dive into some ways you can optimise your e-B2B marketing strategy: 

  • Invest in Brand Building: Creating relatability, approachability, and reliability to sustain in the market and creating long-lasting relationships has become crucial. Customised messaging for each client and letting them know their importance in building your brand is critical. 
  • Harness the Power of Content & Digital Marketing:  Effective content and digital marketing requires a targeted strategy aligned with your brand's goals and audience. Create quality content and distribute it through appropriate channels. Utilise social media, email, and PPC campaigns to increase engagement and generate leads. Continuously analyse your approach for optimal results.
  • Leverage Inbound and Outbound Strategies: Usage of both inbound and outbound marketing tactics is important to effectively reach your B2B target audience. Inbound marketing builds awareness through content and triggers, while outbound identifies high-value customers on their own turf. Ensure your physical team synchronises with your digital efforts to get the best impact. Use data tracking and paid remarketing to stay top-of-mind, and lookalike audiences to broaden your target list.
  • Keeping it Simple: Technology has significantly provided access to a global audience and smoothening business functions. However, it's important not to lose sight of your end goal with your B2B marketing campaign and keep it simple. Use AI/ VR/ ChatGPT only if need be. The result should be converting a lead into a customer, and it's better to deviate from the "One Size Fits All" strategy. 

Businesses that exhibit agility, innovation, and a proactive approach to identifying new prospects have a greater chance of achieving success and staying ahead of the competition. This is especially important in e-B2B marketing, where the desired outcome is to target the right audience, effectively communicate your offerings, and onboard new customers. Prioritising customer centricity is crucial for the success of any campaign, regardless of the tools used. It will be exciting to observe how e-B2B marketing evolves in the years to come.


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