Pencil Select unveils book on India’s ‘Booming Digital Stars’

The digital landscape has undergone colossal transformation as it now  thrives with independent content creators. With creative content and interesting brand collabs,  Content Creators are truly winning hearts. Booming Digital Stars, published by Pencil under its invite  only program called Pencil Select, throws light on how the Creator Economy ecosystem has enabled  individuals from all walks of life to receive and experience the kind of fame only Movie stars could once  dream of. Today, the power of social media amalgamated with the power of creativity can allow  anyone with talent to become a star in their own creative space. 

India has seen the rise of an entirely new breed of first-generation content creators whose social media  following is bigger than many politicians, filmstars, and sports stars. And while there have been several  books written about becoming the CEO of a large corporation or creating a fast-growing start-up, it is  hard to find a book on creating and managing a single-person brand in an emerging Creator Economy.  Booming Digital Stars covers 11 inspiring journeys of India's renowned creators, including Nikunj Lotia,  Kabita Singh, Team Naach, Abhi and Niyu, Ujjwal Chaurasia and Madan Gowri. The authors have  interviewed each of these creators individually to understand their story right from the onset of their  creator journey to the peak of popularity they sit at today. The book chronicles how they achieved  success in a highly crowded and competitive market and how they identify new ideas for content  creation and brand collaboration.  

For the last several decades building corporate and product brands has been an area of interest for  business enthusiasts. However, in the digital world, the need and aspiration to grow personal brands  are also rising. Harsh and Manish's book throws light on how to build robust personal brands. The  journeys covered in this book will be useful for everyone who cares about succeeding in a digital world.  Renowned professionals like Kartik Hosanagar, Professor, The Wharton School; and Anand Kumar,  Founder, Super 30, have praised the book and deemed it an informative and worthwhile read. 

Authors Harsh and Manish chose Pencil Select to publish and distribute their book because Pencil is a  Creator Economy platform for writers. It believes in democratising writing, by providing online tools to  the authors to publish their book, build their audience and monetize their work, all in one place. 

Talking about the book launch, Swarup Nanda, Founder, Pencil says, "We truly believe in the power  of autonomous creativity. When we came across a book that showcases the stories behind India’s  biggest independent creators, it made perfect sense to be it's publishing platform. Booming Digital  Stars is a part of the Pencil Select program, under which we select noteworthy content and back it  for further mileage. Our aim is to enable authors by providing the right tools that they need to  publish their books, build their audience and monetise their content. We're happy to have Booming  Digital Stars as a part of the Pencil Select Program.” 

Harsh and Manish say, "The Creator Economy does not have a monopoly. It gives a level playing field  to every talented individual. What we see right now is just the beginning! India will produce many  more digital talents in times to come. We are glad to publish our book with Pencil Select. We  appreciate Pencil’s vision for providing a platform for new ideas and writing talents."  

Harsh Pamnani is a storyteller by passion and a brand expert by profession. His bestselling book series  Booming Brands, was widely acclaimed by eminent academicians, Indian government leaders,  entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. Harsh also writes for various business publications, including 

Forbes. He has worked variously with think-tanks like the World Bank, corporates like Deloitte, and  start-ups like FirstCry. 

Manish Pandey is a much sought after brand consultant, social media evangelist, and mentor to new age digital brands and influencers. He is currently part of the leadership team at Josh Talks, one of  India's largest and fastest-growing impact platforms.  

A cover release for Booming Digital Stars was done on Pencil's & Authors' social media platforms  that garnered over a million views. In less than 3 days, the book became a bestseller across  multiple categories such as Entrepreneurship, Internet & Social Media (Books), Creativity(Books)  among others on Amazon in it's pre-order phase. One can order the book to learn how they can  turn their passion into their profession on 


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