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Raipur continues Dainik Bhaskar's Spree of Mega Editions

To commemorate its glorious 33 years in Raipur, Dainik Bhaskar curated the 104-page Foundation issue, in keeping with its reader-centric philosophy.  For this special edition, Dainik Bhaskar chose the theme ‘MORE Raipur’ which is duly connected to MOR Raipur, which is the punch line of Raipur's Smart City Project, and it reflects the sense of being a Raipurian. Additionally, to instill a sense of pride in Raipurians, Dainik Bhaskar took a step further by linking the letters in R-A-I-P-U-R (R-Revolutionary, A-Advanced, I-Innovative, P-Progressive, U-Unique, and R-Republic). By allocating one page to each letter of the word "RAIPUR," which demonstrates transition of how MOR Raipur became MORE Raipur. 

In keeping with its tradition of providing readers with unique value proposition, Dainik Bhaskar proudly innovated the Mast Head; it was created using "DHAAN," since Chattishgarh is referred as "Dhaan ka Katora." Again, this notion is relevant to everyone's life; Dainik Bhaskar was illustrated with nine distinct forms of dhaan in a range of hues. Additionally, a sense of pride was instilled by revealing the fact that ‘Krishi Vishvidyalaya’ in Raipur discovered 24000 varieties of dhaan thus making it the world's second largest and India's largest agricultural university. 

Commenting on this achievement, Business Head, Chhattisgarh, Mr. Devesh Singh said, "On the 33rd anniversary of our Raipur Edition, the Dainik Bhaskar Group created history yet again with Mega Edition. We have always believed in providing our readers with unique and intriguing content; this issue was curated inline the same philosophy. Our readers responded well to the thematic issue; it was a proud occasion for all of us. This anniversary issue had excellent, instructive, and in-depth content, as well as high-quality advertisements in almost every category and most notably, the "Three Print Innovations" in conjunction with "Fragrance" which demonstrates Dainik Bhaskar is in continuous  pursuit of excellence and innovation. A 104-page edition featuring special pullouts on Udyog Bhaskar, Festival Bhaskar, Property Bhaskar, and Health Bhaskar enriched the issue. For the first time in the state, all of these innovations were implemented concurrently. We are pleased to share that "We Have Changed the Game."

Mr. Abhik Sur, Dainik Bhaskar Unit Head, Raipur added, “Raipur is culturally cosmopolitan. Our anniversary issue struck a chord with Raipuians of all ages. With our three breakthroughs, we have piqued people's curiosity and interest. Gate fold, Inside Jacket with Book Mark, and Flap all contributed to this print innovation masterpiece. All major Advertising categories participated like Real Estate, Education, Health, Government, Jewellery, Life Style, Auto, FMCG etc, were major participants. Not only did we receive positive feedback from Advertisers, but also from our competitors. This was the team game. I'll simply state, "Together We Can.”


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