Ravi Behl about 'The Night Manager', OTT, and future plans

We all know actor Ravi Behl because of the iconic television dance reality show 'Boogie Woogie'. But because of his recent web-series 'The Night Manager', he is back in news.
Read further for a chitchat with the actor-producer :

What prompted you to take up the role of Jayu in 'The Night Manager?'

When I heard the script narration, the various layers of his character instantly attracted me. He has that royal attitude and is Shely’s (Anil Kapoor) close associate. The character is very prominent in the second season as well.

Anil Kapoor has said that this series could be a game changer for you, what are your thoughts on that?

He is a cool gentleman, I had the best time on set working with him. It was extremely nice of him to say this. After 'Night Manager', I received the best of feedbacks from the audience and it is extremely encouraging.

What is your focus now?

It will be quality over quantity now. Although I have been a producer, host and I have also sang songs, acting is still my first love therefore it is my priority. I am looking for a role for which I get an adrenaline rush, something which makes me want to jump out of bed and rush straight to the set in the morning.

How do you see the rise of OTT platforms worldwide?

Honestly, there are few series/films which blew my mind. It’s a great platform for actors, technicians, and writers. Maybe they have found the right place which they have not got earlier. During COVID, the OTT platforms came into the limelight because theatres were closed and now it has become a habit. World cinema/series are also available on OTT now.

So do you think theatres and OTT can co-exist?

Yes they can but the films have to come in a different way. They should be larger than life and something out of the box that audience has not seen before.

Do you want to come back with our favourite Boogie Woogie on OTT?

Why not? If we get a good opportunity, because Jaaved Jaffrey is very much relevant. Naved Jaffrey and I am around so we can always make a comeback.

Today’s dance reality shows feature a lot of acrobatics and gymnastics which never used to be in Boogie Woogie - what’s your point of view?

I somehow agree with what you are saying. We always used to have separate rounds at Boogie Woogie along with props. We should never forget our roots. I remember I used to like it a lot when kids used to perform in Vaijayantimala’s songs.

Who according to you has the best moves in the industry?

Undoubtedly, Hrithik Roshan; he is a very clean and classy dancer. Second would definitely be Tiger Shroff.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

I love to be at home, reading books. I also love to learn new things.

Anything in future which you are planning to do ?

Yes -- my ultimate dream is to produce and direct a film which will happen gradually.

You had received an offer from to join Bigg Boss, why did you decline?

I am an avid watcher of the show, but when it comes to participating, I am not quite game for it. Whenever I have time I am watching, the Bigg Boss OTT, and fine Pooja Bhatt to be quite good.


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