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Reebok India’s digital innovations around Zig Horizon

To celebrate the energy a pop of color can bring to one’s everyday routine, Reebok India announced the launch of Zig Kinetica Horizon earlier this month. The new slimmed-down silhouettes of the Zig Kinetica Horizon are built with a technology tailor made to channel the kinetic energy in contemporary and flattering fits for everyone.

To introduce this trendy and vibrant silhouette Reebok India launched a multi-pronged digital campaign leveraging brand ambassadors, friends of the brand and others brand loyalists. Kick starting the campaign, our brand ambassadors Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan spoke about the Zig energy and their resonance with the different colors of the newly launched Zig Kinetica Horizon through posts across their social media channels.

Continuing the momentum, brand friends like Bhumi Pednekar and Rhea Kapoor along with celebrity stylists Anisha Jain, Lakshmi Lehr, Akshay Tyagi among others, joined the bandwagon and endorsed their love for the product by sporting the Zig Energy filter while talking of their love for the shoe. While the vibrant colorways of the product itself was enough to pump energy among viewers, Reebok India introduced this 3D effect that creates an alternative reality background that deports the users to an energy amplified universe. This innovation was made to capture the essence of the shoe adequately.

While the 3D background showcases the energy of Zig in its true sense, Reebok India amped up the innovation by developing another fun and interactive Instagram game.

This addictive game saw many of our influencers become kids again with Anisha Sethi, Allen Claudius, Akshay Tyagi among others batting to score the highest of scores.

How the game works: The filter in the spotlight is a gamified experience- where players have to move their head quickly, attached to a shoebox, to catch as many falling shoes as they can to get the highest possible score. The speed increases over time, so keep up the energy to hit that high score!

It features the Zig Kinetica shoes- a breathable, dynamic and energizing collection designed to amp up your stride and radiate ENERGY.

This was done to create further excitement around the new game filter for Zig Kinetica by introducing it as a fun and friendly game amongst users.

Zig Game link: 357873642052526/

Finally, as a part of the Zig digital innovations, Reebok India also introduced some quirky Instagram filters to invigorate a dash of energy in a sneakerheads’ everyday routine.

How the ZIG-I-FY filter works: A Zig-shaped mnemonic will overtake a user’s screen and recede to reveal an AR illustration of their face and surroundings. This can also function more simply as a smart lens on social platforms that gives you your very own MDJ-esque illustration of whatever you take a picture of. 

Zig Filter link: 784094829073968/

Reebok also introduced another innovative filter in the form of a Zig Energy crown which was used by various influential personalities, who had lots of fun with it and encouraged people to amplify their energy!

Go on, prompt and challenge your followers and use the interactive filters to play along and feel the energy!


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