Save the Forest with MTV ACT and Greenpeace

The forest of India is in need of protection and care and the only way to contribute to the cause is to mobilise people to join forces to save the forests. MTV ACT is a pro-social initiative by MTV India for those who don’t want to sit and watch anymore, it is for those who want to take action and who believe that every action counts!
MTV ACT has joined hands with Greenpeace India for ‘Republic of Junglistan’, a Greenpeace India campaign ( that aims to protect our forest from being cut down, slashed and destroyed for coal. The forest is home to rich wildlife and helps in maintaining the ecological balance, millions of people directly depend on the forest to live. This initiative will work to get the necessary spotlight on the devastation caused by coal mining get attention from the government of our country  to ‘act’ to protect areas from mining when alternatives exist. Through MTV ACT’s platform, ‘Republic of Junglistan’ aims at collecting lakhs of signatures by October 2012 to raise a petition to our Prime Minister. India is hosting a United Nations Convention on Bio-diversity this October, the petition will be given to him in front of the entire world at this conference in order to put pressure on our government and get a commitment to protect our forests and its people. To lend in your support, log on to, the forests need you!
Joining forces towards saving the forest and environment with Greenpeace India & MTV ACT, Actor Abhay Deol, MTV VJ Nikhil Chinapa and Brikesh Singh - Public Engagement Manager, Greenpeace India announced their support for the ‘Republic of Junglistan’ campaign and the petition.
Actor Abhay Deol who is ‘actively supporting Greenpeace on the campaign said, “I always encourage and support individuals who raise their voice when something is not right. I have visited the Mahan forests in central India and personally witnessed the impacts of coal mining on the environment and people. We can’t stand on the sidelines anymore and let this devastation happen in our name. We need to take action. To support people who have made it a point to save the forest in all its diversity and beauty.  The Republic of Junglistan campaign along with MTV ACT will be perfect to raise awareness among the youth of the country and get their attention and support.”
Speaking on the association of MTV ACT and Greenpeace India, Aditya Swamy, EVP and Business Head - MTV India explains, “MTV ACT is a platform where we bring issues to light and encourage young people to ACT. Forests hold the key to our future and young people have the power to make our planet a better place. We will use our assets across TV, web, mobile and social to activate our audience and give them the information they need to participate in the Republic of Junglistan movement. Cause we are the change we are looking for!”
MTV’s very own VJ Nikhil Chinapa who is an avid traveller and nature junkie has also pledged his support to the campaign and explained, “We need to be involved with the Republic of Junglistan in whatever way possible and with MTV ACT it gets even easier to pledge support and increase awareness. If we don’t have a healthy forest, we will be doomed sooner than later. I would urge the youth of our country to participate and help raise awareness.”
Brikesh Singh - Public Engagement Manager, Greenpeace India also added “Destroying thousands of acres of forests, rich biodiversity, and killing wildlife to dig coal sounds like a very stupid idea to me. We all know there are other sustainable ways to make electricity and the people of our country need to stand up and tell our government that we do not want the blood of our national animal, the tiger, on our electricity bills”
Brikesh has been with Greenpeace India since January 2002. He now heads public engagement work for Greenpeace India which aims at inspiring, engaging and mobilizing volunteers and activists across India to come forward and campaign on issues that are critical for the sustainability of life on this planet.
Greenpeace India has been working on various issues related to the environment since 2001. It is a non-profit organisation, with a presence in 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific. To maintain its independence, Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants.
Greenpeace exists because the earth and all life on it deserve a clean and safe environment - now and in the future. ‘MTV ACT is a youth platform by MTV to support all the young people determined to bring about change in this world to make it a better place to live. MTV ACT strives to create awareness on various social causes that need the youth’s attention. The initiative also gives the youth a chance to ‘act’ by engaging them directly on issues they care about.
MTV ACT believes that no action is too small and every step the youth takes towards the society will help achieve a better future for every action counts!

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