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Show Review: Khichdi has not lost its flavour in Season 3, madcap fun galore

Fans of the cult TV comedy ‘Khichdi’ have been eagerly awaiting Season 3 of the series ever since its revival was announced last year. The show finally hit the small screens on April 14, 2018 and continues with the mad antics of the Parekh family. With this, ‘Khichdi’ has returned to television after a gap of over 10 years. The show was first aired in 2002 on Star Plus and gained immense popularity. Season 2, called ‘Instant Khichdi’ was launched on Star One, Star Plus’ sister channel in 2006. 

Given the popularity of the TV series, it was also made into a film and launched in theaters in 2010. 

The original lead cast of the show has been retained for Season 3 – Anang Desai, Supriya Pathak, Rajeev Mehta, and Vandana Pathak. Supriya’s sister Ratna Pathak Shah will reprise her role of Badi Maa in this season. Incidentally, this role was essayed by veteran actress and Supriya and Ratna’s mother Dina Pathak in Season 1. Deepshikha Nagpal has joined the cast, besides it is known that Renuka Shahane will also be seen in a cameo. 

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The eagerly awaited first episode (aired on April 14) didn’t disappoint and was every bit as entertaining as the first two seasons. Not only did it make us nostalgic, but also made us hold our stomachs and laugh. 

In Season 3, we see the madcap Parekh family facing the wrath of people after a builder cons them. The Parekhs are developing a housing project when the builder cheats them and vanishes, leaving the family to face the angry people who had invested their money in the housing project. Not only do the family members get beaten up by the investors, to top it all they also have to face a ‘don’ who threatens to kidnap Hansa Parekh (Supriya Pathak). Meanwhile, the Parekh family’s fortunes are in no better shape as their own house does not have either walls or a ceiling. However, through all these adversities, the family doesn’t lose hope. How will they get out of this mess? And what more mess will they create? The forthcoming episodes will surely have all the answers and more fun. 

The Parekh family and the Khichdi series always makes us nostalgic. The family drama also makes us realise how important our families are and even though we constantly bicker and fight with our family members, they love us and will always be there for us. These emotions, with the fact that the show has a new and interesting storyline, have us excited. The jokes, puns and dialogues are hilarious and make us laugh out loud. And even though ‘Khichdi’ is coming back after such a long gap, the actors have not lost their touch. The continuity is maintained and trademark dialogues like “Chai leke aa rahi hai, ki bahar se mangaun?,” “Main hoon na, main samjhata hoon” and several others are retained in Season 3. The performances by the actors are spot on and we have to say the show was visually appealing too and has been executed well. And as always, great comedy timing by Hansa and Praful. 

Though, one wonders at the timing of the show’s launch – bang in the middle of the IPL season and that too in the 8 pm slot on weekends when the big matches take place. This makes it very difficult for people to enjoy the show as well as watch the IPL match. Also, the fact that the episode is one hour long might get tedious later on. Perhaps a half an hour show would have been better and crisper. Some jokes are old and might be lost on the gen-next watching the show for the first time. Some scenes were a bit overdramatic too and could have been avoided. Another point to note is the colours are a tad loud and at times jars. But apart from all this, we have no complaints. 

We loved the first episode and we are sure with an interesting plot, ‘Khichdi Season 3’ will not only be an entertaining watch, but also bring back some much needed dose of comedy on television that the entire family can watch together.

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