Social Media trolls Akshay Kumar for joining Vimal universe

Actor Akshay Kumar has joined the Vimal 'Zubaan Kesari' Universe, following Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan, according to reports. A new teaser has appeared for Vimal's 'Bolo Zubaan Kesari,' which stars Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn. As a silhouette of Akshay Kumar appears in the commercial, SRK wonders who is the most recent addition to the Vimal world.

Following Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan, film critic Sumit Kadel said that star Akshay Kumar has joined the Vimal world. However, Akshay's collaboration with Vimal Elaichi elicited varied reactions on social media, with some users making fun of the actor by uploading memes from his previous films, while others chastised him for collaborating with a company that manufactures harmful chewable tobacco products.
After seeing Akshay Kumar being hired to promote Vimal Elaichi in an advertisement, social media users started making memes. Akshay Kumar's teeth were darkened in one of the photos published on social media by a fan. "Akshay Kumar Before and After Eating Vimal," stated the caption on the photograph.

Another Twitter user tweeted a meme of Akshay Kumar's teeth discoloured in red and brown colours from a renowned Akshay Kumar film. "Vimal laaya?" asked the caption and another user provided a photo from Akshay Kumar's film Kesari, claiming that the actor has previously hinted about joining the Vimal world..

Actor Akshay Kuma has been chastised on social media for his ties to a tobacco brand. While some were amused by Akshay Kumar's inclusion in the Vimal world, many were not thrilled with the actor's decision to work with tobacco corporations.
An old video of the actor condemning his fellow actors who were participating in the marketing of health-harming products including tobacco products was uploaded on Twitter by a Twitter user. Another disgruntled Akshay Kumar fan expressed his disappointment with the actor for the film Laxmi, in which love jihad was exalted, but said that other stakeholders like as directors and producers may have pressed him to do so. The user, on the other hand, couldn't accept Kumar's newfound support for Vimal.
"Stop chasing money, sir, and put your tremendous acting talent to work making excellent movies, je businessman ban na chhod do," says the person. Another disappointed Akshay Kumar fan expressed his dissatisfaction with the actor for the film Laxmi, in which love jihad was glorified, but claimed that other stakeholders, such as directors and producers, may have forced him to do so. Kumar's sudden support for Vimal, on the other hand, was rejected by the user.


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